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Yes apparently Stores and surrounding areas will share your pic etc. I wouldn't go back to that EXACT store just yet. But maybe a nearby one. As long as you are someone who doesnt "stand out in a crowd"'ll be fine.

Most of this is, store to store dependent.

I have had Management roles in a few major store chains. None of those stores had a "Wall of Shame". Shoplifting was rarely spoken of.

I think it highly depends on store to store.

You've done well to do 20 years without being caught!

Altho, I dont know how much or how often you lift.


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The country I live in, the Petrol Stations are MOSTLY apart of major company'a (Not small business owners). We go over $1.60 a litre over here. But I still see it as too big of a hassle to go thru. Too bad for the days when staff came out, put your petrol in for you, washed your windscreen and checked your oil while you were there!


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Just checked YouTube vids on this.

A commenter did mention they sounded the alarms (they had paid for the garment, but staff forgot to remove the ink tag).

Look for towers first. Or just bunch several items on your arm, and then fumble your mobile phone to go just outside the doors (before trying anything on)... to see if an alarm goes off.

If no alarms... then you know you can get items out safely (or at least without alarms).

Watch YouTube videos on how to detach the ink tags when you get your clothing home. Kind of looks like a pain in the ass. But do-able.

Good Luck!


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Of course you can be called back if you set off the alarms.

Depending on laws in your country, (in mine) they (store staff) can't legally force you to open your bag to look inside. Police, can.

Walk out of the store at the same time as others (especially those with a trolley load). They will usually get hauled up first, and then just keep walking like you got nothing. CONFIDENCE is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of lifting IMO.



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LPs were welcome on the shoplifting reddit forum when that was still around. No biggie. Dont post locations etc.


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Walk in and see for yourself.

Look for a pattern of what they're using to tag. Type of security?

Occasionally you may find an item without a tag. I will look thru high end brands to see if I can find one that isn't tagged.

That's your winner! (If it's in your size).

They may have cameras walking in and out of change rooms ... but I'd assume it'd be illegal to have cameras watching you change clothing.


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And if you are still going to go thru with it... then I'd open that mofo box and inspect it as thoroughly as you would, if you found out you slept beside someone with nits and needed to check your own head!


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I'm from Aus.

I'm curious as to why you would be interested in lifting a cheap mobile phone? What are you planning to do with it?

You still have to use a registered sim card in it. The phone will have a serial number.

I wouldn't consider it worth the risk for multiple rasons.

I've set off the towers at Big W before. They're getting sneakier with smaller hidden tags.

I just got lucky the time I set them off. The young fella on, looked confused, and I just kept walking like I didn't hear it go off.

Yet, I've seen them pull up others when the towers have gone off.


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How fantastic are reusable bags? They've taken my shoplifting to a whole new level.

How you go about it, should depend on the store, if they have security at the door and if it's inside a shopping centre.


I find electronics are almost tagged. And some you cant see. Even shitty cheap USB sticks are tagged.

Look out for a sticker barcode on the back overlapping the other. If the packaging seems a little tough... there is a good chance of a tag being inside there.

Sometimes its safer to take the item out of the box.

Be diligent. And good luck!


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I was in a major chain liquor store recently. Over a year I've maybe taken 3 or 4 cans of something. Nothing major.

They've had a haul over, and I was a bit lost trying to find my "usual".

Next minute, I had staff all around me. They sent in one young fella (so OBVIOUS)... then the older guy came out (that I've seen many of times in there)...

He was chasing my tail and hollowing out to me. "Hey"... "Hey, how you going?"... "Can I help you at all?"...

I wasn't really paying attention cos I had NO intention of lifting.

So I didnt feel guilty or the need to look over my shoulder.

But we have recently had the "plastic bag ban" here. And people were juggling multiple 6 packs in their hands.

I brought in a canvas black bag to carry my packs out.

Not sure if that was my red flag, or I'm pinned on their wall as someone who's shoplifted there before.

Or maybe both.

Either way, I'm not keen to go back there.


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Some stores do keep photographs of offenders.

If I was caught, and lucky enough to get away ... I definitely wouldn't go back there.

At least until they had a mass turnover of staff.

Just not worth it. Consider yourself fortunate enough to get away without being prosecuted.

You got a get out of jail free card.


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Great job waiting to exit the store when others are leaving at the same time with a trolley load.

I actually use that technique when I do a walk-out with a trolley load.

I always suss out the door greeter. See how diligent they are with checking receipts. I won't do walk-outs if the greeter looks older than me.

If the greeter is younger than me then I pull out an old receipt and flash it upon my exit.

I tend to give off the body language of... "I'm cranky, dont even think of getting close to me".

I also find an hour before closing time has younger staff that don't give a hoot.

Also, depending on the store you are in... another idea is to buy a large port / luggage (whatever you call it in the country you live in). Fill that bugger up of anything you want.

Depending on the store layout and whether they have weight scales will determine your next move.

You can fill the crap outta that bag with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. But the bag/port/luggage back... grab an identical bag... pay for it. Then go back into the store with your receipt (pretend you forgot something of yours I.E. your water bottle). Then switch the bag with the one you fully loaded and walk back out.

And if you are feeling particularly gutsy... put your loaded bag in your car (altho U probably dont have one being 16)... if it's a busy store and unlikely to recognize you again (or U can wait for a change of staff)... go fill another bag full and show your receipt again on the walk out. Make a little small talk about how you are moving to blah blah if need be.

Just make sure to remove tags, take shite out of boxes and shove the empty boxes at the back of shelves. That way it could take them days or weeks before they find the empty box.

And for items with heavy plastic, carry a small pair of scissors to cut thru any tags that are INSIDE.

Also, always assume every darn thing is tagged! CHECK, double CHECK and CHECK again!

Good luck! 😊


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For the sake of other lifters, I wouldn't have told him how blatantly obvious he was.

You just helped him improve his techniques in future.


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Lol! I love cheese. It's expensive. I like to rotate and try different brands and types. Halloumi is my favourite.


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Test the store first if you are concerned.

Buy an item and return it and see if they open the box to check its contents. If it's a major store, they likely won't look at all. (From my experience anyway).


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Any tags!

Here's a few ways I've set off the towers before:

  1. Picked up one item, checked for tags. Nil. So grabbed another of the same item thinking it would be safe. But that one was tagged.

  2. A small sticker tag hidden.

  3. Picking up a cheap item assuming it'd be safe because the store mainly had bigger more expensive items.

  4. Removing a tag from the outside, only to discover after walking out there was also a tag inside the box.

Also look out for barcodes that have been stickered on. They are often a tag.

Anything like USB sticks and the cardboard feels thicker than usual, "assume" a sticker tag is in there.

I carry a small pair of scissors in my bag and snip into them buggers.


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Interesting question. Thanks for asking. I was wondering about this last night. I bought a printer and the ink is insanely expensive. They're always in cases.

Thanks to the person below for answering. So... wear a hat and stick it under that to go above the towers? 👍


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I've set them off multiple times. About sh×t myself everytime lol. I tend to open boxes these days. Prevention lol