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Don’t forget Anne Sexton. Feminist poet beloved by millions, yet the fact that she sexually abused her daughter has been swept under the rug. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten. I’ve only read about it in her daughter’s autobiography, no one, either online or in print brings it up. Maybe it was a false accusation, but I’ve never heard that mentioned either.


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“We need to save all good (read religious) people by fighting against PC liberals and win the War on Christmas.”

If people don’t want to say “Merry Christmas” why should we attack them and call it evil?

Another gem:

“Impeach Obama! He’s a Kenyan from Africa!”

...I agree that Obama is bad, but you seem to oppose him because he’s black. I think you might be a bit racist.


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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always viewed Plato’s Republic as an anti-statist work. For example, when he brings up the claim about how artistic works can corrupt, he mocks that tendency by having the guardians only allow hymns to gods and works about “good men” because beautiful poetry by Homer can make soldiers not want to fight or encourage young people to question authority or (gasp!) make people doubt that the gods are benevolent or have their best interests in mind.


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I like the post where Barbie culturally appropriates traditional African dress.

Here’s the caption: “Finally got some traditional dress today! Of course, I had to make a few alterations! If there is one thing the country Africa has taught me, it’s to be true to yourself and express your creativity through whatever means possible. Who wore it best? I did. I wore it best.”


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I’m a hippie. I hope with this community, I can avoid turning into a fascist. I once started embarking down that road, (luckily, it stayed mostly at the “anti-SJW” phase,) stopping when I considered how I was attacking people for making their own decisions. That’s why I left, because I just couldn’t mock non binary people, who intended no wrong of their own, watching them being attacked for simply existing.


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It’s not infiltrating this place and shitposting that upsets us. Rather, it’s taking advantage of our trust and subtly turning people to the alt right.

By linking directly to Zerohenge, even if you think its right wing trash, you’re giving ad revenue and funding the website to make more trash.

Next time, just use It’s pretty simple to use. Just put the link in, and, voila.