OrdinaryRooster OP wrote

Why not. I didn't want to leave anything when I was banned. But I did leave one comment. The straw that broke the camel's back. Being downvoted for agreeing that a bird picture was nice. This reminds me of when the righties came to Reddit and started Brigading leftists like me. I remembered them following me around and giving about 50 downvotes for saying "that's nice" on an obscure art sub. You're no different.

You can do what you want. It's your forum. If you just welcome anarchists and LGBT people you're allowed to do that. BUT TELL US. You have about 20 active members and ziq does most the posting. And I could have helped raddle to grow. Like I did Reddit. Cause I have the "here, read this" gene. But I see raddle is just for a tiny number of people. Your choice.


OrdinaryRooster OP wrote

I looked it up and I did notice it wasn't a term straight people chose for themselves. But a term that has been inflicted on us without our being allowed to reject it. Sort of like the n word was inflicted on people without them being allowed to choose.


OrdinaryRooster OP wrote (edited )

The what? Isn't that an insulting name for ordinary heterosexuals? I call people what they prefer. Just to be polite. If people want to be called black or African American that is the term I use. If they want to be called Native Americans or Indians those are the terms i use. Pretty sure ordinary heterosexuals never chose to be called cis. So it's rude of you to use the term. If you are determined to divide people based on their sexuality, I think straight is the preferred term.

But as the right plays "divide and conquer"with the left, you help them.