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Aside from train sets and high end colored pencils, if they’re not locked down, no not really. The majority of the stuff there is overpriced shit made by the company and put under a different name.

A good haul from that store from what I’d imagine would need to be made up through volume rather than big ticket items.

A lot of the items are niche items so they can be hard to flip. I’m also biased since I worked there and saw how the stuff was treated, shipped, etc I see it all as shit anyway.


Opsec OP wrote

As far as I know they do have some concealed cameras but given that they’re more expensive to install and hide There aren’t many of them. Most frequently stolen items were jewelry and art supplies so I’d imagine they would be there.


Opsec OP wrote (edited )

Easy places to conceal if you plan on it are usually fabric/ needle art and floral. Seasonal will usually always have someone in it zoning and typically has some level of a manager there since it always needs to be reworked.

Near the registers there should always be a csm, customer service manager, and there will usually be codes being called by cashiers like code 4 for change so don’t be alarmed. Code 2 is a call for a csm to the register which doesn’t mean they got you , but even if they do they won’t care just play stupid. They’re like your typical retail worker overworked and underpaid.

Cameras are all operational and from what I was told by managers, who I was close with , blind spots were almost non existent and all cameras worked.

Don’t hit the same store often if at all more than once. My store manager at least wasn’t above firing someone for checking out who hit the store before so if anyone who cared enough to remember a face would remember that one. Also managers do try and remember people who lifted from their store.

If the store has been screwed before with shoplifting big ticket items will usually require a manager to get the item and leave it at the register. A manager will also be required for the return.

The lot my store was in had cameras in the parking lot however they were managed by the owner of the lot not by the store itself and they did not work however I’m sure this doesn’t apply for all stores so beware

TLDR walkout is your best bet. Get what you want get out. Going somewhere out of the way is not needed unless it’s to avoid staff but keep in mind the cameras will see you. even if staff notice you worst they’ll do is harass you and try and embarrass you.