OpalDragon wrote

  1. flammable they may be but you are experiencing a fusion of elements . Hydrogen's nucleus is just one proton Helium has 2 protons 2 neutrons . when there are two protons and 2 neutrons the total aggragate energy of the 4 particles are at a lower energy density overall than 2 hydrogen nucli it takes immense pressure to get over the energy hump to put them in the compressed form once they are there they release the extra energy https://images.topperlearning.com/topper/tinymce/imagemanager/files/5e9424a13847130c6f11c584766a8d145a619971bfaab0.46396557BEgraph.gif

  2. there are bits of stuff out there but they are very small and spread out the matter density for the solar system is small even considering the sun and all the planets the distances are so large and small that it is almost impossible to wrap your mind around the earth is a speck of dust in a stadum devoid of anything space is big , and that is just the start of space our solar system is a speck of dust in an empty stadium of the galaxy and our galaxy is a speck of dust in a stadium of the universe, factors are probably not even close there .. space is big(even bigger than that)!

3 . the space between everything is getting larger on our shourt miniscusle frame of refrence a half an atom expansion over a million years seems like nothing but since space is ... (see 2) Huge.. it has an effect

  1. the expansion of the universe is so far bigger than even the universe that we can see(not the whole thing) that the physics of what we know break down the energy levels so high and at such a vast scale that we can only go off of what we can logically determine it sort of looks like happened , the reason we know it is expanding is because stars that are further away are moving away faster than stars that are closer.

  2. the universe is as small as it is big . there is as many atoms as there are in the universe stars in a drop of water.

there are plenty of videos about this stuff i suggest finding cosmos with carl sagan he does the math and is better then the rough approximations i have put in this little thing.