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I got a text from the mom of one of my youngest kid's half brothers, thanking me for "opening her eyes" and showing me a couple of pictures and a video of her kid at a protest.

It certainly was an unexpected surprise.

Her kid has grown up so much. He looks so much like Malus Pesto that it would be spooky if we hadn't had a family website and then a MySpace group. Pappy has a lot of dominant genes and is a very active donor, mostly with the Black and LGBTQ communities.

Malus Pesto's musical talent apparently also came from Pappy, because his little brother certainly showed his own while he was drumming on a found object and chanting.

Go, little brother! Looking into your eyes, I can still see eternity even though I am no longer a part of it. Not suicidal, just glad to be old and still hoping for quick, relatively painless, and with minimal inconvenience to the survivors.

Was the "New York Prayer" even really a "thing"? I didn't have full internet in '01 and never found any reference to "quick, relatively painless, and with minimal inconvenience to the survivors" online when I did.

Anyway, even if I fell for a stupid line of crap Localville rumour, it's still a nice prayer if you're into praying.

Am I supposed to wish my fella murkkans a "Happy September 11" or something? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a.....


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50s turned out to be better than 40s in my case. I'm not sure how helpful that is. I mostly gave up on having any sort of healthy sex life and went for appreciation of beauty and gratitude when young friends had things turn out better.

As far as companionship, I did something I never imagined I would want to do and got a dog.

It doesn't shit all over me anywhere near as much as my dating partners always did. I still have crushes and notice interesting people, I just don't expect or want much from relationships with humans any more.

I enjoy hiking near the local university and consider the entire student body "my kids". but I wouldn't want to have to remember all of their names.


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It's hard to believe that I lived for a full year after losing my kids to somebody's damned war.

I still don't know why or how or whether my youngest, who some of you know online as Malus Pesto, is still alive. I do know how corrupt the Localville PD is and how unlikely it is that his body will ever be found.

It's the kind of "normal" shit that happens all the time, but we all accept that it only happens to people who are "other" in some way or another.

The secondary wounding was intense.

I think I'm supposed to have some sort of plans, like convincing some shrink I'm crazy so I can get $900 a month disability (rent is more like $2,000 in Localville) or trying to convince someone I say "Ya want fries with that?" the right way so I can save my paycheck in a moldy mayonaisse jar in the back of my closet and dream about having enough to purchase fake plastic teeth.

Fuck that shit.

All I really care about is tramping through the forest with small, furry animals and not being an asshole. I don't particularly want human friends any more, just pleasant, shallow interactions.

No idea if the rest of the world has declared that the US has fallen yet or not.The damned thing fell on my family and broke it.

This post would be a lot funnier if I quoted Bridget Jones' diary and ended with "pashme bottla brandee" but fuck that shit. I've written enough funny posts on the internet for one lifetime.

It's nice to see my Raddle peeps growing like weed legal recreational products of the cannabis industry .


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I've had some pretty heavy things happen to me since joining this place too.

The community is wonderful, but please be aware that if someone types your username into their search engine they will find your posts.

You can always change your username in your profile to something less unique if that matters to you.


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Yea, it's just something I say on the internet that's kind of "tradition"; maybe more like an annoying mannerism by now. I used to pull all-nighters and get sort of silly and sleep-deprived. "Screw bands and lids" is just a product I need for canning, but it sounds like something an oldster would say in disgust after deciding to stop smoking marijuana and following Phish.

I guess the joke is getting pretty old. Home canning went through a bit of a renaissance around the time my last kid was Mommywebz age, but you're probably the only "filthy primmie" I know who even gets the joke any more.

At least you're raising the next generation. And she's a SHE!

Not that it's easy or anything, I'm just glad your 5 year old gets to have you for a mom.


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This part:

"Treat people who are feeling miserable like shit."

is what I am observing in the US as well. If therapy isn't helping, then I applaud you for having the courage to stop wasting your time and money. All too often, what I see in the US, what passes for mental health care is a prescription.

I'll keep my feelings to myself to make sure I don't come off as judgemental or unsympathetic towards anyone who is currently using those substances.

If you haven't found it already, /f/MentalWellbeing exists. I haven't been there in awhile, but it's a nice mix of information and support.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Solidarity---because "hang in there" and all the other shit I'm supposed to say is a bunch of fake bullshit.