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Apparently, I have this thing called "electricity" right now. I'm supposed to use it to buy shit before they cut it off again and all my shit goes bad so I have to pay the dump to dispose of it and go buy more shit.


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Is it completely unrealistic for someone who has no farming experience whatsoever to purchase land with the intention (dream) of growing their own food for the purpose of greater independence from the capitalist economy?

What would be the first steps a young person (say teens or early twenties) could take to make some sort of a microfarm or hobby farm more practical?

At what age would you consider someone with no experience to be simply physically incapable of living off the land and off the grid?

tia and apologies for naive 1970s idealism


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Teen Vogue comes up with these articles every now and then that are too late to "fix" what's wrong with my own life, but make me glad I lived long enough to see someone doing something to prevent more "me"s.

This is one of them.

After being coerced into an abortion at the age of 19, I just wanted another chance to be a mom.

People who had power over me used this to extract resources: labour, money my grandparents had expected me to inherit, etc.

When these resources were extracted, both me and my child were garbage. My ten year old son was abducted on September 1, 2018. The pigs refused to even fill out a missing persons report. Please PM me for a picture if you know a runaway, a child in the foster care system , or any sort of human trafficking situation that might be him;

He was taken from the US by a member of the military who could have taken him anywhere.

I will never be a mom, a gramma, a great-gramma or any of those things I wanted to be, not even a fond memory.

But when I see Teen Vogue calling out what I couldn't protect myself or my children from, I can hope for a world where there will be no more "me"s.


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ITA, please don't feel embarassed.

I saw my dog trainer tell off a cop yesterday and it was a beautiful thing. He said the same condescending and dismissive shit authority figures say to me and it didn't do a damned bit of good and it wasn't even my car the pig was ticketing but it was nothing she should have been embarassed about.

She's younger than me and she has more money than me and she can do shit like that without getting the shit kicked out of her like I would. I don't know, there's still some fight left in her; she hasn't given up yet and it gives me hope for something.

That maybe she can accomplish positive changes that I couldn't or maybe that my own life wasn't a pointless waste of oxygen and pain.

You told the truth in a situation where people were being indoctrinated with classist bullshit. Maybe nobody listened to you but at least you had the courage to call a horse a horse.

Nothing to be embarassed about at all; sounds like a story to be embellished and looked at through rose coloured 20/20 hindsight, told to a grandkid or great grandkid when they ask, "What did you do in college, (Great-) Gran?" until it becomes a family legend if you want my opinion.


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I met and clicked with someone on Raddle who actually drove hundreds of miles to meet up afk when I had severe personal problems. We aren't in touch right now and I haven't seen them post for awhile, but that has never happened to me before and I really needed the physical presence of someone who knew me well at the time. It wasn't a joke or a pickup line and they really were prepared to take me home with them if I couldn't survive on my own.

I know they spent at least a hunnert bucks on gas and even my own parents have always told me I'm not worth a hunnert bucks. I'd never met anyone who though a hunnert bucks wasn't worth me before.


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Next door neighbour and I had a yell-over-the-fence type of conversation about how we really should exchange house keys since it's only a matter of time before one of us winds up kudokoshi[1] and we're skinny fucks--not much food to last our pets until someone complains about the smell.

We didn't. She just warned me not to kill myself trying to save her front yard dog because her back yard dogs would take me out of this hell if I did.

Might not be the worst way to check out of hotel life, but our dogs would be considered unadoptable by the shelter.



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It is.

I wasn't in the mood to beat someone up over the last can of Spam at Winco's, but I love my dog and my dog loves me so I'd die for the damned Spam soon enough if she got hungry enough.

You'd shoot me to protect your wife & kids in a heartbeat and you know it.


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I can promise you that I'm not. I deactivated in 2012 and deleted a few years later when I realized how bad it was.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm "too extreme" and should get a burner phone, fake ID, etc. but I just don't care enough to conform any more. Kind of like Opoe in The Upstairs Room--I'll be dead soon enough so why bother?


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I got a text from the mom of one of my youngest kid's half brothers, thanking me for "opening her eyes" and showing me a couple of pictures and a video of her kid at a protest.

It certainly was an unexpected surprise.

Her kid has grown up so much. He looks so much like Malus Pesto that it would be spooky if we hadn't had a family website and then a MySpace group. Pappy has a lot of dominant genes and is a very active donor, mostly with the Black and LGBTQ communities.

Malus Pesto's musical talent apparently also came from Pappy, because his little brother certainly showed his own while he was drumming on a found object and chanting.

Go, little brother! Looking into your eyes, I can still see eternity even though I am no longer a part of it. Not suicidal, just glad to be old and still hoping for quick, relatively painless, and with minimal inconvenience to the survivors.

Was the "New York Prayer" even really a "thing"? I didn't have full internet in '01 and never found any reference to "quick, relatively painless, and with minimal inconvenience to the survivors" online when I did.

Anyway, even if I fell for a stupid line of crap Localville rumour, it's still a nice prayer if you're into praying.

Am I supposed to wish my fella murkkans a "Happy September 11" or something? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a.....