Occular wrote

Here’s how I look at it: He will be far better to unions than any other candidate, a step in the right direction. Socialism that doesn’t start with a revolution is really just capitalism with more welfare, I get that, but I’m not convinced that a few programs just to take the boot off workers necks a tiny bit isn’t a net positive. Even if he accomplishes none of the things he calls for he’s brought class consciousness to millions of people who were completely in the dark before. Voting for Sanders doesn’t take the place of real leftest action but if just a few people start reading political theory because he introduces them to some of the lingo I won’t feel like I wasted the 10 minutes it will take me to cast a vote. I understand lots of people think of him as infallible and yes that’s a problem but a Sanders cult of personality is preferable to the Trump version while we work towards a real revolution.


Occular wrote

Don’t return to the scene of your crime is like lawbreakers 101. There’s a reason you’ve heard it before I should think. I personally wouldn’t go back so soon. I am no help to anybody for the period I’m in jail so I do my best to operate outside of a prison cell if I can at all help it.