NoPotatoes wrote (edited )

70$ ? And you think you'll go hungry when.?

Keep selling your crap, yeah. Why can't you find something to do for money?

I don't know I just feel like when you have no potatoes, you shouldn't just go around threatening other people for their potatoes. Just dig around for your own potatoes.


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According to Axios, the memo was sent to the policy office of the state department on 3 November. It was sent through an approved channel within the agency that allows for the expression of private misgivings about official government policy in what are known as “dissent cables”.

The cables are intended to allow diplomats to raise objections to state department strategy without fear of reprisals. They were set up in the wake of the Vietnam war as a form of internal checks and balances, but they are meant to remain private.

OK. So these are definitely a trap.


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I found a stray cat and like to take him for walks. If I open up the door he goes outside and explores, but doesn't go far without me. I worry about cars, cats, and coyotes when he is out and about without supervision.

Bunnies are cute too. Although you probably won't find a domestic one on the street...