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I'd like to know this too, Bass Pro near me keeps all shoes except the ones on display in storage while Academy has $150+ shoes just laying around. If they are no chase, that'd be awesome for me :)


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I’m fairly new to the scene, too. I’ve been lifting for about a month, been getting better and faster at it. You probably know enough to get the small items you want but if you really want to step up your lifts, these are all of the resources i used to be pretty proficient for a newbie. - General thread

Don’t know if you’ll use these and you’ve probably seen the ones but the others are pretty useful too. Good luck and stay discrete :)

Review these and you're golden. Definitely an important tip is to 1: take it slow! no need to rush into something large. After all, you aren't losing anything by working your way up to your goal. What you will get though is confidence, experience, and a better idea of strategies. 2: TRUST YOUR GUT. You've seen that one, I'm sure, but it's vital. If you don't feel safe or confident then get out and cool off. Last thing you need is to be unsure of being caught and it turning up badly. Hope this helps, I know it helped me and it may do the same for you


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If you have the tools you need to get the tags off, it's easy. For me, it's 50/50 if there is someone counting. Just wait or if you cant wait, get a jacket and put a shirt, pants, etc in the jacket then zip it up. From what I've experienced they've only ever counted hangers, given me a little sign with the number on it, and that was it. Also many of the forever 21s are 2 stories, walk to the other dressing rooms and see if they are unattended. More than likely there is at least one that has nobody counting