NeoliberalismKills wrote

How young? My 10 year old likes Black Lightning. It's got Black Power. Illegal government expirements on the black community (it obviously happened). Strong female characters.

Troll Hunters on Netflix is entertaining and doesn't reinforce too many bull shit values. The team dynamic is heirarchical but his friends can and do call him out all the time.


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Education is about it. A lot of the basics isn't exactly difficult to understand it's just that it's never presented accurately. From kindergarten through 12th grade and through the media. Zero accurate representation. Put another way, DELIBERATE misrepresentation. Overcoming indoctrination requires engaging the truth and not just new language (though it can help).


NeoliberalismKills wrote

'Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.'

Given governments long history of oppressing leftist movements I cannot say it's paranoai thinking you're probably on a watch list somewhere. Hoping you're not in a no fly list if you need travel.

But I don't buy conspiracy theories either. Like vaccines and autism and chemtrails. No one gains anything intentionally causing autism and the government's propaganda machine is more than enough it doesn't need to drug us into compliance.


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"So why, when faced with the huge oppression women in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or the UAE, don't Raddlers have the BALLS to express the fact that it is due to the religion these countries have in common that women are treated in such a backwards way there."

Know what else they have in common? American imperialism undermining internal politics or American money and weapons helping to prop up authoritarian regimes.