The high radiation is hazardous and must be kept isolated from the biosphere. We have not yet agreed on what should be done with this high-level nuclear waste.

nuclear energy is a terrible idea.. sure, we can maybe handle the waste now and for a couple of hundred years, but who will take care of it 500 years from now?

collapse, you know...



i think this is a great idea....

an extension of this idea would be to collect tracks on the collaborative soundcloud, until we have enough to call it an album and then throw it on bandcamp AND SELL IT and give away the money to worthy causes (like ABC Belarus or something)...




my smartphone broke and i have no intention of getting a new one.

it's great.. i just loaded a bunch of mp3s to the computer at the workshop for background music (no more distractible youtube loops)... also, not being able to go ONLINE wherever i am is fantastic.



I'm not a practitioner, but it is a part of my heritage and I despise christianity for (nearly) assimilating it. I'm split on the church burnings of the early 90's as they were often quite beautiful structures, but then again, they were also structures of oppression - fair game, I suppose...

I hate that there are many racists trying to claim paganism as their thing, it is so ignorant. The Vikings were not racist (as we understand it)... I mean, they didn't have any issues being mercenaries in Constantinople. ..

Raiding the coasts of England wasn't a very nice thing to do, so they were also quite cruel and brutal.

Oh, I'm also pretty sure I have a bit of thrall-blood in me.