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Before Rosetta Stone, we had, where all courses were free, and you could interact with people freely like a social network. I was learning mandarim so I made a friend from China. It was very cool there...

Until Rosetta Stone bought Livemocha and made most content unavailable unless you paid for a premium account. It was a total disaster, of course, so Livemocha died. Fuck Rosetta Stone.


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Devuan 2.0 ASCII uses SysVinit and is pretty much a Debian Stretch install without systemd, using Xfce with a purple theme by default. I'm currently a translator of the Devuan wiki. They're very nice people. I used Devuan for a while, but couldn't get used to it. Nothing was wrong with it, it's just that I chose an Ubuntu variant because it's faster to setup.

By the way, I even ran my Tor relay on Devuan without problems. It's just one or two things that are done differently because of the absence of systemd.


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Thank you everyone. I passed in front of the bank this morning, and it's still there, shiny AF. Draws anyone's attention. This is a small city, so it should get people talking about it. I don't think anyone has done this in the past.


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I'm almost done cutting a stencil for tonight's graffiti. It says "give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world" along with an image of a bourgeois fat man running with a bag of money. What better place to paint this than a BANK (: There are cameras on the way and on the bank, but i'll cover my face and do it quick.

Here it is:


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I plan to take photos of them on the street. But let me show you my current project as I prepare it at home: That's Marielle Franco, the human rights defender killed by militia in Rio a month ago. She became the face of the Brazilian antifascist movement. So I plan to spread her face all around the city with that message that translates to "I'd rather die standing than to live on my knees". I use pink for her image, blue for the message. Wish me luck (: By the way, good job with Konsent so far.