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I know a couple that's like that: the wife is pure "sjw", feminist, helps imigrants, and really cool (not radical, but ally non the less).

The husband got caught up in our version of alt-right recently(~1yr), and say antisemite stuff and watches racist youtube (dieudonné, an outdated french humorist that got his fame back by beign a controversial racist bigot). He's slowly loosing touch with reality. It's really sad because his heart is obviously left wing, but that right wing shit is messing with his brain.

Now my parents fight because my dad says bigoted shit all the time.

btw do you have really short but dense stuff about racism/feminism i could send him. He's smart but working class, didn't have much education, and is drowning in ideology... (maybe those flowcharts where data is presented in a big image, i dont remember theire names)

Fuck propaganda :(


My3rdAccout wrote

English isn't my first language and i haven't finished the book yet, but I found it a hard read, stirner does a lot of repetitions and "ranting" and the language feels old.

On the other side, the content of the book is still relevant today, and you should read about anarchist egoism anyways, since it's quite influential in modern anarchist thinking. I don't have any more "modern" authors to recommend to you to read instead right now, thought.