Mullvaden wrote (edited )


Mullvaden wrote (edited )

Lol :D I'm discussing hypothetical ways of disrupting "surveillance capitalism" hoping someone smarter than me had some insight in how these cybernetic behemoths work. I want to know if it would even be possible or futile to even think about.


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Well, what I've read of primitivism they tend to defend their skeptic view of anti-biotics (because it's a civ thing) with the notion that civilization somehow caused the sicknesses they cure. While some people get sick because they eat to much and exercise to little it's complete bullshit to state that civilization created TB for instance. Civilization don't create germs (not yet at least). They have a romantic view that people in hunter-gatherer groups never get sick which is also bullshit. They just don't get exposed to as much people and germs as folks in civilization. The only way to reach a primitivist society is to kill off 99% of the world's population or somehow restrict breeding voluntarily which is unlikely to work ever.