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As a recent victim to capitalism's diabolical writ of pseudo crime...

Allegedly, there were 4 Nest Smart items concealed in my bag . BTW these are great small hauls that flip with very high demand and no avail to a customer who generally is financially endowed. (People will buy them at almost MSRP) .

When searched, my s3 key was in my bag. I can't lie here , I was panicking to the max inside my head because I have heard that being in possession of a tool like this is a much more serious offense. LP at K0h1s knew immediately what it was but the cop did not ,in fact chuckled and said, " Learn something new everyday." Needless to say the units I had concealed were far above the felony limit and i was arrested and taken to jail. I didn't and still have not faced any additional charges , they did take my purse and the s3 key to log into evidence.

Is it a possibility they could add a charge later regarding the key?? It's not really possible to conceal a key unless your willing to shove it up your butt????

Good night friends!!


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Apple TV and Google Home Hubs. These are my 'go tos', in case I need a quick flip .