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Socialism in the US translates into the Democratic party giving the appearance of favoring the people, over billionaires and big business. It's a shame that they're as corrupt as the Republican party is, and as beholden to special interest groups instead of those that voted them into power. If enough sensible, honest (as possible) and free speaking people get into Congress, then maybe the fear will be valid. That scenario is not in the foreseeable future. People are still cheering the billionaire that took their tax money and gave it to his friends as tax cuts, without even thinking that they've been, and are still being, emotionally played.


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I think that if you look feminine you'll be fine. If you have masculine features, you might want to consider plastic surgery. I think you'd be happier looking like more feminine. Keep whatever nature gave you, but look the part you want to be.


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I guess everyone forgot that bullets are also made from rubber. Stopping doesn't have to mean killing. Lethal force is not in any way necessary at the border. This is the slowest "invasion" of all time. Hand them all applications and sit back while they fill them out. Gubmint needs to chill and respond like adults, if that's at all possible.


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Killing off comments because they're hateful might sound like a good idea. A better one might be to understand that people harbor anger, that they can easily let out in online comments that have little to no real world negative consequences. It might be good therapy if to take all the nonsense in stride.