MrPotatoeHead wrote

The Fed increased the money supply by over 100%, ten years ago, to control the 2008 crash so it didn't become a deep depression. That huge pile of dollars is showing up currency as overvalued stocks, etc. Soon, we may see some serious inflation as the US dollar loses it's user base. With no one to absorb the excess dollars outside the US, inflation could get really bad.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Trump did do something. He admitted on 60 Minutes that global warming exists. The man is great at sidestepping issues. Still, what can FEMA do until the mess is cleared up? I think there is still way too much "faith" in governments ability to help people after a disaster, when it always gets down to local people helping each other.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

There is no other continent left where workers will make stuff stuff for a corporation for ten cents an hour. It also removes the tariff issue while increasing Chinese corporate profits. All it costs is to improve the infrastructure and look like good guys to be welcome as the new colonial power in many parts of Africa.