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This is why one should separate the art from the artist. I listen to music that I like, and try not to give a damn about the politics of the the people who wrote and performed it. It's nice, of course, when someone who makes stuff I like shares my beliefs, but ultimately good music is good music regardless. That's how I see it anyway.


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Hey, f/Conlangs mod here. From what I've seen of f/glossopoedia, it seems to be more focused on discussion of constructed languages in general, whereas I want to create something more akin to r/conlangs, for discussion and creation of peoples' own conlangs, and activities to assist in their creation. While I would not be opposed to the type of content generally found on f/glossopoedia, because of the goals I have in mind, there would generally be less overlap than would at first seem obvious.


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there's clear issues with the power dynamics

You seem to be assuming a parent-child relationship or some other in which authority is involved, and of course I completely agree there. However, you completely ignore other forms of incest, such as sibling-sibling or cousin-cousin, which while they can have issues with power, just as any relationship can, do not have to.

as well as genetic diseases

That's inbreeding, distinct from incest in that it results in pregnancy, where as incest only necessitates a romantic relationship between closely related family members. So all inbreeding is incestuous, but not all incest is inbreeding. Those are just my definitions though.