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I have heard for decades the argument that it affects prices of merchandise, but I tend to agree with the concept that it affects bonuses for managers, and that is the reason for the cutbacks on hours for employees.

Now LP exists to make sure the masses don't come in and bleed the store dry, like what is happening in San Francisco drugstores right now. They will try to catch the skilled shoplifter, but they know we are coming, many of us will be successful, and they account for it in their markup. Once in awhile we will get an LP person or a manager in retail post here with some information that might open some eyes, but they are looking to catch stupid shoprlifters to look good and keep organized theft out of their store. Most of the reported larceny in my area that occurs involves then standard not very bright idiot trying to steal at Welmart or Tergat. They do that when there literally half a dozen retailers down the road and several grocery stores that can supply their needs. Why miserably fail to gank a Rockstar at Welmart when there are 6 grocery stores with zero LP or cameras?

Now on to privilege: I am in an unfair position. It pays to be white middle class. I am white, make over 100K a year, and clearly exhibit someone in society that is meeting said societal expectations with dress/demeanor/vocabulary, etc. Why do I do what I do (or should I say my wife and I)? Truth: Well...we are never suspected. Yes, some smartass LP guy will comment here "yes we do profile you". Bullshitt. We have a good system that involves rotating cities with high-end areas on a 4 week rotation. That's the beauty of living 100 miles or less from 4 major shopping hubs. We don't pay for groceries, health and beauty goods, underwear, socks, and even some nice clothing. We also never pay for batteries, 80% of our cooking utensils/cookware, nothing for stationary/school supplies, earbuds/phone chargers, and even our towels and washcloths. Now if you do the math, taking into account we have a family of four with 2 teenage boys that play football, we have a large need to consume all of the items above. We have eliminated this. That is a savings of about $325.00 per week, or about 15K a year. That doesn't count the home decor and my collection of expensive Dad-hats. We take that 15K to buy other stuff, like vacation packages, clothes that aren't gankable, and just to put in savings. We paid off our home in 7 years 2 months (based upon a 30 year mortgagte). Because of this strategy, the home we live in will generate rental income for the next 25 years before we retire, which will offset 85% of the mortgage on the new house. So now not only will I be aggressive on this next mortgage as well, but now I have rental property.

While this may seem unfair to some, I leave you with this thought. I have watched bank CEOs make hundreds of millions of dollars lying, cheating, and stealing crying too big to fail. I watch airlines cry about bailouts just to bolster the stock price for the billionaire investors. I watched a United States President invoke Executive Privilege for everything under the sun that seemed shady and still not release his tax returns. I read about retailers screwing people by not paying them overtime and giving appropriate breaks, and the same retailers bone poor shoplifters with "civil demand" letters. The point I am making here is I decided that if the system is rigged (let's face it, the system is totally rigged), I am going to find my way around the system and stake my claim.

Who does shoplifting affect? It affects me. It gave me the way to take care of my family and go from surviving to thriving. One day I will retire from it, but that day is not today.


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My Black Friday was uneventful. The retailers had very little. The sales were awful due to no movies to buy, everybody has a big screen TV and we also have 12 cordless DeWalt drills.

The employees at the stores all have an attitude. While everybody else either got raises or better jobs, the retail hourly employee figured out that they are low on the totem pole, barely a step above fast food workers. It's reality and very unfair. The enthusiasm just wasn't there for retail employees. That combined with the fact shipments weren't all great, it just was an awful Black Friday. The word I used was "subdued". The good news is that stores were understaffed. LP wasn't all on point in most stores.

I do better with my weekend operations personally. I felt better working on the "total picture" of groceries, clothes, etc, which brings down my total average expenses per week and putting that money into the big item bucket to buy instead of taking the risk.


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Since we started this thread I decided that I would tell you about an experience I had yesterday. I went to a certain home Improvement Box Store to pick up a few items for the company that I'm working for. While I was there I decided to get a couple of gallons of paint so I could make sure that I had plenty of things to do if we were under lockdown. I went and paid at the self-pay counter for my company's items first. While this was going on, the attendant that was there was relieved by another attendant. The second attendant was some ditzy early 20-something that spent more time playing on her phone so I decided to see what would happen if I just walked out. Suffice it to say that I have two gallons of paint that were incredibly cheap.

There is such a Feeding Frenzy when it comes to some of the items that people are buying, and the retailers are doing the best they can to keep up with stocking and checking that essentially LP in a lot of stores is either lax or nonexistent. We should all exercise caution and be aware of our surroundings while also maintaining responsible social distancing.


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Mrs. Ganktastic and I work as a team. She figured out that if we work together that we can save about a hundred a week in groceries at least. It also has tripled our wardrobes each, not to mention increased our home decor from like everybody else to "Wow! Your house is amazing!"

We have a system where we hit a metro area every other weekend and rotate four to five metro areas within a 250-mile radius. That puts us at visiting every two months. The weekend take is well, sometimes insane like 3K a weekend insane. This system frees up funds for other items/goodies like trips, etc.


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I would be a bit cautious there. The Mrs. and I were at this particular store last Saturday and holy cow! An LP guy was standing there. This cat made no bones what he was there for. Eye contact, zero talking or greeting. Stared everyone down. Was ON TOP of his game. Just be VERY careful. Obvious some folks ganked too many R2D2 Instantpots and caused enough shrinkage it got W's attention.


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Keep up the white collar thing. The idiot LP brigade is barely a step above shiplofter themselves. The snobbier you act...sometimes can be better.

I suggested teams because my wife discovered my "hobby" a couple of years ago and figured out that is why we are saving for a second house instead of buying 150.00 worth of groceries and shampoo/soap/makeup every week. Working in teams net our take north of $3000 per month.
BEST of LUCk. Be careful out there.


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My wife and I were in a certain high-end department store last Saturday. She decided she needed a couple more pairs of faux leather Spanx leggings. She picked up two off of the rack and draped another pair of pants over the two and we proceeded to find a dressing room. When we went up the escalator, there was an off-duty police officer/LP standing there as we went upstairs. The Mrs. went straight to the dressing room and concealed both pair of Spanx and her Coach purse well I was standing outside the dressing room making a "phone call". Mr. LP paid zero attention to us because he was too busy paying attention to four black kids, and yes they were planning on shiplofting. We walked out of the store and moved on to the next mark on our list. The reason no one paid attention to us? We are white and we are white collar.

I hate to say it but yes you were certainly suspected and they are going to keep an eye on you. It's wrong, it is racism, but if you had a fairly well dressed white female to work with you, you could probably do well. You can be the decoy and throw the block while she packmules the store. Just a thought.