Misterfister wrote

There is one user here that actually talked about Airpods and beats. He/she said that they took them from behind the employee front desk. Balsy move, but worked. IIRC they just waited for an employee to turn around for a few sec. Hope this helps


Misterfister OP wrote

Hey thanks for the reply. Well first off, I'm a guy so I don't wear make-up hah (not to say guys can'´t, I just don't). Second, it's not an American store, it's a chain in Sweden.

I really like some of these tips, keeping the store layout in mind I think it won't be harder than you've described. Also, I'm always with my girlfriend at these stores and she tells me what she wants so I guess that makes it a bit easier since I just look like a bored BF. Btw, why don't people here write the full names of stores and instead write like you did?