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I've been singing along to songs for years and trying this. I've found it extremely difficult to transfer to non-singing. I feel like I've just learned the exact sequence of sounds I need to mimic a particular song, but without gaining any understanding of how to make them independently or in a different order or a different pitch.

Anyway, I'll keep at it.


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Peak. Glad it's getting a season 2.

I was impressed at the creativity of this show. It took a ridiculous premise and somehow made it work, with clever / inventive scenes in every episode.

I've also been impressed with the maturity of the show. Aside from some stereotypical isekai character designs, the show's pretty restrained when it comes to sexualisation. The bathhouse scene was pretty respectfully handled. I only counted two comments on breast size, which is sadly a remarkably low number for anime. Also this might be the first time I've seen sanitary pads in an anime, they were treated as just a normal thing that certain people need, the way they should be.


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So up until now this show has been pretty mid, with a few minor highlights (and a significantly mishandled bit in the first episode).

But I really liked this episode. I think in most anime the protagonist will unquestioningly do anything to try to help their friend, even if it means throwing their own life away. And through Power of Friendship BS, it always works out.

But in this episode, despite their friend being kidnapped, the characters fall back, regroup, then start trying to call in favours and make alliances with other powerful parties. It's only after a bit of maneuvering that they begin their rescue operation.

I also think it's interesting that of the 5 non-kidnapped members of the MC's gang, 2 of them recognise that a physically dangerous rescue mission is not suited to their skillsets, and so reluctantly agree to stay behind. I think this is a very prudent move, but it's rare to see in anime (or media in general).

Finally, it's pretty cool that a major plot point is basically "oh no our friend Pete has been kidnapped by someone who needs male mana, what will she do when she figures out that Pete is a boymoding transfem with female mana?"

(That's how I'm reading it at the moment, with Pete being such a massive egg that "he's" still in denial even after 2 years HRT. Naturally there are other possible interpretations, but I think this one is relatively well supported by the text.)


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Reply to comment by TheJawns in Anti semitism by Lettuce

Are you reading the same comment as me? Their comment has three key parts:

  1. Compare Jewish people to parasites that spread malaria

  2. Introduce the idea of eradicating "living organisms that are dangerous to humans"

  3. Say that "wanting to stop malaria" is not a horrific thought

I can't think of any way to interpret this that's not advocating for the holocaust.


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I love this. I'm honestly surprised how little it took for me to no longer hate what I look like. I kinda enjoy looking in the mirror now, even though I still look pretty masc. I look just soft enough to be happy.

Do you mind if I share this on my FB page (Stereotypical Transbian GF), and how should I best credit you?


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There's no wrong way to transition. It's not something you can fail at.

Remember that transitioning is something that you're doing for you. If you're still more comfortable in boymode, that's ok. If you aren't bothered by your legal name and gender, that's ok. Even if you were just a guy who wanted boobs, (I don't believe that for a second) that'd be okay too.

I also haven't started voice training. I spend so much time trying not to think about my voice, the idea of really intentionally & critically listening to the way I sound feels very unpleasant to me.

There's no wrong way to be a trans woman. It's all about you. If something doesn't bother you, don't worry about it. If something is bothering with you, try to work on it. If it's bothering you but not enough to justify the difficulty of working on it, don't worry about it. Just do what's important for you!

I've seen your comments on my posts, I know you aren't a fraud. You've felt gender euphoria, you've felt trans joy.