Miles wrote

I started out with a nice omelette and then devolved into a basic bitch.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee (0 cal)
  • Lunch: Asiago cheese bagel (230 cal), egg whites (104g/57 cal), spinach (13g/5 cal), diced red peppers (14g/3 cal), baby bella mushrooms (17g/4 cal), avocado (38g/63 cal), hot sauce (0 cal)
  • Dinner: Pumpkin spice flavored Frosted Flakes (87g, 330 cal), almond milk (3.2 oz/12 cal), Silk fake nog (4 oz/80 cal)
  • Snacks: Pillsbury pumpkin cookie x2 (280 cal), Monster Ultra Sunshine (0 cal)
  • Total: 1,065 calories