Mardoniush wrote (edited )

Yep, the Whitlam dismissal.

They also tried one in NZ after they withdrew from ANZUS but it didn't stick. So they fucked the economy for a decade instead.

Also missing everything in Europe and Africa, and a good chunk of oceania they invaded in WW2, much of which still has US military present and most of which wasnt axis.


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Mardoniush wrote (edited )

It's a shit time to be sure. Aside from occasional hilarious Trot bashing (often by people who were Trots themselves.) it was a proper place of left unity where we could actually argue as comrades with nuance and support each other. It made people happy and engaged and was a lot more useful than the standard "extremely online" take gave it credit.

I hope Raddle takes off because despite being ML-adjacent I can't stand the recent MTC struggle sessions and lemmy looks like it might be the same.