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You should reach out to anarchist collectives in Hong Kong, chances they are organizing this one. The 2013 Occupy and 2015 fish ball riot were organized by anarchists. Judging by Libcom comments the anarchists are also organizing and in the frontline fighting riot pigs.


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It looks like an electronic padlock. You will need a long shim, either this or this type. Do not make your own, it's a waste of time and doesn't work with beer can material. Go to any lockpick store and ask them for the right one.

The latch is often on the left one when the lock facing you. Some model is on right side, so try both. Insert the shim in and twist it, feel for either side and when you heard it click the padlock will open.

If that doesn't work, get a 12 inches bolt cutter and clamp it open. While this is the quick way, if that building is frequented by the owner, you might need to replace with your own identical lock tho. Like when you come back for squatting or stealing shit, otherwise if you only stop by one, just clamp it open.


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NEVER GO TO A SHRINK. Do not get your life ruined by them. Do not fall victim to their system. Check out The Icarus Project started by anarchist and critical psychiatrist Sascha Altman DuBrul. IP has a lot of resources for mutual mental care in alternative to generic and oppressive psychiatry. I have found their resources are excellent so far.

The MOST important thing when come to mental wellness, is sharing your feeling and experience with someone, real human interaction. Find a comrade who you and them can consent helps, a social circle, affinity group, a commune, etc. The greatest example of that is right now on Raddle, you are seeking helps from a community. This is interaction. Moreover, if you can keep pets, get one. If not, get into gardening and green thumbing, I find it helpful a lot. Get out there with nature also help. Doing anything meaningful to you also help.

DO NOT GO TO A SHRINK, they will destroy your life and they are paid to do so.


Reply to tankies by Engine

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Chairwoman Daenerys ride the dragon with mounted T90 tanks