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Some kind of gardening and untying yourself from the capitalist system is probably one of the more accessible things— that is most of what I am doing myself— even just learning about making clothes or woodworking— but it would probably be a good idea to be more vague about your location, like “close to a large city”. I am not sure who might be able to determine your location from a post like this, but caution seems applicable.


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It might not have much impact, but imagine having no other word with which to refer to the body than “corpse”, or having to call your friend your spouse. It isn’t that you think you are dead or married to your friend, but it remains a little ridiculous— that was mostly the place of my thought.


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You have enough freedom to be depressed about and critique the state of humanity.

Compassion is everywhere, but it is pushed down whenever it pokes its head out. At least it exists.

Somewhere right now, someone is picking and eating wild grapes not filled with arsenic.

There are some free humans, somewhere. I am not sure where, but I know that it is the case.


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The best I can say is that so many ideologies and ideas proclaim that they know how society works and usually prove themselves either incorrect or acontextual, or those in authority change all of their definitions as soon as people find that something is wrong. I know little about what can help or detract from a rebellion, but I suspect that a false sense of knowledge that leads people to counterintuitive actions and unnatural ideas is more harmful than helpful.


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All of these, but they may not happen simultaneously.

I may be referring to a process rather than an event: the removal of archy and the healing of the social and ecological wounds associated with it. This could just involve a few squatters reaching for self-sufficiency or a regional uprising, maybe even a widespread one, seeing how quickly a spark of discontent can give rise to a number of protest movements in such a quasi-connected world.

I suppose, though, that this kind of speculation is more harmful than helpful if taken seriously.


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Music is one. I recently found a patch of reed and I have been trying to make some kind of instrument, but whatever it is, I can barely play it. Yet, at least.

Another encompasses everything that is not capitalism— foraging, gardening, old-fashioned ways of doing things, complaining about capitalism... wait, is that too political? I feel that it can be hard to separate “political” things from individual ones— separating oneself from the Great Evil Whatever-it-is breeds more personal interest in things that are outside of it. I have had interests in some of these in the past, but realising their importance in not feeding the Great Evil Whatever-it-is has reinforced and expanded them.

Worldbuilding is another one— making fictional worlds and cultures.