Reply to Friday Free Talk by alex

Majrelende wrote

There is a little progress on my milkweed textile project— the fibre is far too delicate when left to soak over the winter, but it seems just slightly too brittle dry.


Majrelende wrote

Taking the position that anyone who inspires change, whether in a social sense or in the sense of recommending that people take one path rather than another, is a leader, maybe only leaders who have no cult of personality, permanent position, or methods of coercion and whose voice is conceived as equal to those of others can be called non-hierarchical rather than authoritarian. For example, an author with no position of authority is still a leader in a sense if their book inspires change— a law, though, demands it violently.


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The problem with collapse and agriculture is that farming takes at least a couple months of logistics and organization. A situation of political and economic collapse is likely to not afford us an opportunity for this, as most people will be bled dry and worked to the bone right until the machines run out of gas.

Maybe foraging could be helpful. From what I have seen, edible wild plants are quite abundant, even if the majority of people know very few of them if any or, if they do, how to prepare them. As plants naturally grow where they can grow well, we may start to see different ones growing in different areas due to climate change, which is fine as long as there is enough documentation on how they can be used.


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Ability no

Africa no

Blackness no

Feminism no

PoC maybe

China no

MentalWellbeing maybe

Race no

These are all relatively benign for non-bigots.

Migrants no

Why not?

Queer maybe

Trans already have Queer

They deserve their own places for their own issues.

Worker maybe

What is wrong with this?

Collapse no

Perfect. Just ignore this.