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It began when I first learned what communism was— in the sense of being against markets and private property and for a gift economy. I cannot say exactly why, but my guess is that I had just not been exposed to enough capitalist propaganda. It just made sense.

For a while after that, I decided to try to design a democratic communist utopia that would be perfectly non-oppressive, driven by the painful contradiction between my family’s inclination to social democracy and the state’s denial of the existence of nonbinary people. Finally, I gave up, realising that the state could only limit freedom rather than create it. I still did not call myself an anarchist until later, though, first identifying as “libertarian communist”.


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Pragmatism and idealism are both useless in isolation— in my opinion, it is best to find a practical way to come closer to an ideal.

When we sacrifice practicality for our ideals, we get situations like nonviolent civil disobedience, where great amounts of people are jailed because they refused to defend themselves. They could have been making change during that jail time.

Sacrificing ideals for practicality should already set off alarms for you. See “left unity” and other forms of submission to statists.


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Yeah...why don't you help your neighbour in...anything they need actually...

I have no neighbours. And what does this have to do with music?

Like... do you think I need an intermediate to decide if I like some music or not?!??

No, but I do think new perspectives can help to improve a composition.

If you did not notice, this is f/MusicMakers, so when you say “some music”, it tells me you might be lost— I am talking about your own music, not just some song that already exists that a person decides to critique.


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In my area, there is no public transportation at all; the only ways to go anywhere are by bicycle, which looks scary on our narrow roads, by car, by walking through agricultural fields often filled with densely-packed stalks of maize, or by hiking through steep, bramble-ridden hills. It seems to me as if the first thing to do would be to create walking paths and train stations— free ones, as others pointed out.


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It might be acceptable to implement vote moderation, where after a certain point, one or more older users could decide that the newer person is not a troll, and therefore, that they can, with the support of a few other people, mark a comment as a ToS breach or whatever the site has; other such users could negate these marks to prevent trolling. However, after two ToS-breach marks, the comment would have a countdown to deletion time, which would hasten as more marks accumulated or slow and disappear as more negations are made, preventing too much abuse.

I hope this is not too much of a gerontocracy, but maybe it is; if there are any more problems, please criticise harshly.


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My problem with ownership of the means of production is that it is what creates wage labour.

Now, imagine you are a slave. You are told you can work anywhere you want as long as your masters want it, you do so for 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, and you never attempt escape, or you will be beaten. Is the work still slave labour if you agree to it in order to avoid being beaten?