Macy5 OP wrote

No man. Sorry I’m done

It’s not worth it.

I sat in that jail cell for 14 hours and it made me think. I don’t want to be here anymore

Did you know. In that jumpsuit you’re naked underneath?

That jumpsuit is one size? You sleep on a small cushion bed on a metal frame drilled to the wall?

All you have is lights and they won’t even turn it off. Always on all the time.

I’m sorry friend. I’m officially out.

I don’t want to ruin my life anymore than I have.


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Wow. Thank you friend.

I’m contacting lawyers but how do I say it. I’m in a unlucky county.

If I was in Wake county. All I need to do is pay $1,000 to lawyer and he’ll get it down to community service or something.

But because I’m in my county. People here are ripping me off. $2000 for a maybe probation(they’ll get the Felony thrown out maybe and make it all misdemeanors)

Then another lawyer $3,500 for felony charges dropped but yeah. Misdemeanors will be on the list.

I’m going to see another lawyer tomorrow. He’s got super great reviews. So I’m going to give him a shot.

Yeah I got bruises on my neck if where he was choking me and a Blue Bump on my head from when he tackled me. But fuck this guy. Kind of want to go to 4chan and ruin his life maybe


Macy5 wrote

You got away :D

Well like how are they suppose to know if there is missing product. Unless you took the last one. Then they’ll look for who took it.

But since you got out. I’m sure you’re safe. There is no way they can track you or whatever


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I just wear like a adidas Jacket and there is like pockets inside that I just throw in casually.

Well stuff I lift isn’t that big to began with anyways. Good luck friend. I’m sure you’ll find your way


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Macy5 wrote

Then just go far away. Put on a hat and do that.

Like go to your big city next door that you don’t go often.

No need for face mask because that’s just seem like a robbery at this point


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I just brought one off EBay for $6 and it should be coming October #2

Can’t wait. Hehuhuhu

To be honest. I won’t even be mad if I found it in my car lol


Macy5 wrote

Whoa. Well good thing your safe

+1 for dropping and running.

Better luck next time and keep an eye out friend :3


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Lol. For me. When I have time. I walk a lot and see what I like and don’t like.

If I don’t have time. I grab and go lol