Macy5 wrote

Yeah. I met someone on reddit who just kind of went through the same thing as me.

He said 3-4 months of court. Got deferred judgement. Probation for a year. If he does good for one year. Everything dismissed and he can file expungement after that.

I hope mine is something like that. Or everything Dismissed. I hope and pray. #i hope for the best but expect the worst. So I won’t let myself down. ....



Macy5 wrote

Yeah. I was going with this lawyer but he ip his price.

He said if the case somehow makes it to higher court. Then it’ll be $10,000 because his fee is $3,000 per a felony....

I know this guy is great but I can’t afford that.... even payment plan. I get paid like $1,950 a month after tax and everything...... not including gas/food and stuff....

Fuckkkk. So I’m going to look for another lawyer


Macy5 wrote

Yeah the cops gave me a few good rugs while my handcuffs were super tight. I still have broken skin from it and bruise from under my hand because he was grabbing me so tight. :/

They put me in the back of the cop car without any ac. I was sweating and it felt like I was going to suffocate and die.

The cop didn’t give a fuck. Because I gave a fake name and I told them I was 16.

He’s like you’re old enough to drive. You’re old enough to be tried as an adult. Because once you’re able to move that 4,000pound vehicle and you could kill someone. Yeah that was his argument.


Macy5 wrote

But yeah. Just talked with a super good lawyer and his fee is $5,000....

I think out of my entire stuff I have taken is less than $1,200 all my life.

Then there is 4-6 months of court and with a plea deal it’ll be 1 year probation then he can expunge everything from my record for $675.

Yeah guys. I have fucked up big time. Should’ve carried pepper spray or something so I could run away but yeah. I have fucked up but this will change me as a person forever