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Macy5 wrote

Yes yes and yes :D

But lately my parents been questioning me. Like how much did you buy this for?

This looks ugly. Blah blah blah ~.~

Lol. I can’t tell them it’s ~free~


Macy5 wrote

My new favorite is walking out the store with a “new” lifted jacket lol.

Like the store have 2 entrances. I walk in with my T-shirt. And walk out with a jacket xD

They don’t even care lmao

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Macy5 wrote

Ahhhh. Now I know haha xD

Sorry. I’m kind of new to the clothing stuff. Because my parents didn’t buy me much clothes as a kid.

Maybe like 5-6 shirt a year? And like 3-6 pants a year lol.

By the way. What about North Face?

Will it be like

  1. Patagonia
  2. North Face
  3. Columbia
  4. Adidas

Macy5 wrote


Bad idea bad idea bad idea

Wtf bro. You have no plans.

The Employee isn’t going to risk their job/ future job for $20 or $100 bucks even. They’re not going to leave shit out.

Best situation for you. Go to Best Buy. Check out what kind of locks they have.

Buy the locks online. Come back to Best Buy. Wear a blue shirt/black pants. Make it look like you are working for them.

Open lock and grab your stuff and do what you have to do. Or go to the back and “throw” out some gaming laptops lol. Then you leave store and pick it up in the back.


Macy5 wrote

Ohhh. That’s your style?

I’ll keep that in mind

But for me. Hmmm I’ll be taking like 15+ mangas haha.

I’ll probably take 2 trips with my “leather Office+Laptop bag” load them up. Walk out. Unload and come back again. Load up and walk out

Then come back like 1-2 monthes later hahaha