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I lift from the local CVS 3 times a week. I doubt they do. They have no LP and probably don't even notice me taking things anyways.


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Apple uses the EasyPay touch POS system. All you need to do is connect your receipt machine to the POS system and you should be good to go. Of course, it's not this simple, but with some intellect you can figure it out.

If you are showing the receipt to anyone other than Apple itself, then it doesn't need to the super accurate as they most likely won't scan it.


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This warms what little of a heart I still have left

Big corporations are trying to strangle us for pocket change these days...


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If you are going to have an actual job where you are on payroll, using a fake ID is a bad idea. I don't know why you would work using a fake alias unless you have a felony or something similar. If your alternate ID says you are over 21 all you have to do is show up to the DMV with you SSC, BC, and 2 proofs of residency (in this case I'd hit up the local homeless shelter and have them write a confirmation letter for you, that way your actual address can stay anonymous).

If the SSN you are using is from an individual in another state who has had a license before (current or expired) you can just take a written test and get your DL within about an hour. If the individual has never had a license you just take the behind the wheel test unless the alias is under 21, but that would be pointless to have. It's quite simple, all you need is official documents to prove you claim who you say you are.

edit: If you're using a fake ID it's usually for illegal activities, not blue collar work. If you're hurting for cash you might as well just start carding as a side hustle. My friend cards from time to time and brings in around 30k extra per year. It's quite simple and as our world continues to be digitalized, more people will be carrying cards.


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I want everything to be real. I want to be able to assume another identity completely. Being able to possibly take out loans, or even put a car in my name. Could you possibly PM me some more info about the darkweb sources you use, or at least point me in the right direction? I use tails quite often, but usually it's just for ordering drugs...