Lucifer OP wrote

I find them all to ring true; I mean even with respect to the crucifixion he wasn't the only person the Roman Empire sentenced to that fate, and he wasn't the only person they did that to who claimed to be God.

So why him, out of all the people who were similarly crucified? It just doesn't follow.


Lucifer wrote

Sorry, I wasn't trying to violate any of the service terms, I was actually just being sarcastic about my disgust for the behaviour of the RCC and my absolute astonishment that people still profess Catholicism despite its horrendous track record of genocides, tyranny, murder, rape..

Being ambiguous and sarcastic about is how I deal with the trauma.

That and letting them roast, that's always fun! Crispy clergy in the morning, smells like sanctuary.


Lucifer OP wrote

I hope you guys don't think I posted this just to be a jerk.

I figured maybe in this forum I'd meet Christians who did take Christianity more seriously and would react with something other than blind hostility for having their beliefs challenged.

But if you want to take offense, don't let me get in your way!


Lucifer wrote

Lol, I like your sense of humour.

But to answer that remark seriously - there are lots of kids out there who like me, and the upside to me is I don't sugarcoat things for kids nor do I rape them, and typically I treat them like co-equals instead of pointlessly infantilize them or talk down to them.

And if I'm really in a shitty mood I just give them plenty of space to stay away from me.