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i think the root problem is everything must be profitable. and it means software is tool to make profit.

if software/anything used to not make profit, is it called playing?


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i dont care about raddle user growth. the growth i want to see is it's growth value. the value of raddle is it is the most anarchist site (the wiki is awesome). i want this value to be grow in inspiring other anarchists to set up raddle like copy, decentralize, small is good, band like groups, based on language they speak or longitude latitude, or anything.


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trying to build online presence (entrepreneur way) by making an open source app. for now i target my local language. i get the money from my parent.

last week i made sigils but i guess it didnt deliver my intent, yet. it was my first sigil. and i do ritual on last fullmoon.

yesterweek is sad theme for me.

and one day in last week i got a big nightmare when i sleep, after i wake up im so sad and chill by making meme. and try to move on by making myself busy.

i have nobody, so i now often check in raddle.me. i want to chitchat in my local language, less headache.