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want to understand Calculus to become scientifically literate.

I really think a lot is less about understanding "Calculus" and more about understanding the specific use of symbols and formula within the context.

So you probably want to look at the equations specific to the type of science that you're interested in, and work backwards to find out what you're missing.

I could be wrong though... Actually I remember a scientific calculator being pretty much required for calculus, but I'm sure a computer can do that... It's been almost 20 years since I did any calculus.


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Hopefully it's just stage 1, and they can follow up with the house of commons.


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Mastodon is decentralized meaning there is a bunch of people running different servers, not just one group.

A user's account details include the server they're on. So the police can see which server and then ask the server owners for information.

Information such as the IP address you connected from, which can then be traced back to you via your Internet Service Provider.

The Encryption just means someone can't capture your information or alter what you're posting just by sitting in the middle... Unless they're performing SSL interception.


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I can help, but first you would need to send $5k to secure a deposit for a loan.

I'll send you details if you're interested.


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I've been thinking of straight edge for a purely willpower development angle, I think there could be multiple layers to something like this.

If there's addiction, a period of straight edge for building willpower could be useful, but then one would want to follow up with controlled usage of substances, to one's control over the substance. This second phase would potentially be much more difficult, using substance as recreation without using it as medication or becoming attached to having it.