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Ain't nothin to it but to do it my guy. Reusable bag is a great idea, if you have any extra receipts from literally anywhere you can carry that so that any employees can see it as you leave (don't pull it out until you're leaving the store), and dress like you belong. Show up dressed like the rich fuckers who frequent wh0le f00ds, park out of range of the cameras, fill up your reusable bag, act like you belong, and then when you're ready, take your receipt out of your pocket when no one is walking, and just walk out with purpose. Don't run, just walk like you have somewhere to be, and don't stop for anyone. It's surprisingly easy honestly, I've done it with 10 gallons of paint before lmao. You'll do great


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I lifted $220 of white paint to give to a local organization that seems fairly anarchist, although not overtly so. That was a very good day, and my first $100+ lift

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Oh yeah, I understand the thought process. I have a weird pipe dream of lifting a tv, so you're not alone. However, it's crucial to stay well within our comfort zone while lifting, otherwise it's all fucked, including yourself