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Cheers man. Didn’t go for it not even entertaining the idea now. I really need to open my eyes to how so many things are too good to be true and there’s too many scammers out there trying to fuck us over.


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Awesome, And you’re welcome!

You’re a good person for helping us out - some of us literally need to lift for survival , especially during these times ... and having tips and tricks from a pro is invaluable.

This forum seems to have died quite a bit, there is still the search bar.. but it is, for sure, a big help to have a lot of useful info in one place - your app. I’ll shoot a dm your way soon!


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I do!

I bet there’s a lot more lurkers on here who just haven’t thanked you but are finding your info useful.

So I thank you for taking the time to help us out!!


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Welcome, fellow thief! Hope you enjoy this forum there is so much to be learnt here, the search bar is a goldmine.


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Yeah i mean we're being fucked in the ass all day long by corporations and this rigged money system anyway. These corporations are so dangerous and theyre fucking up humanity so i have no quarms fucking them over even on the most minute of scales. Ive only recently over the last few months started making bigger lifts and i got a golf detatcher, went to River Island to 'get some clothes' and their tags are this new one called the 'concept tag' i couldnt detatch.


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Charcoal burning in a sealed space + alcohol. Peaceful, painless and relatively fast compared. However it comes with possible complications, it can leave you permanently brain spazzed - the degree to which would depend on how long you were poisoned for. If you opt for this method make sure to A) choose a space noone can possibly find you for atleast a day B)burn it for enough time so it's coals producing the ga's have no fire, C) choose a space that's relatively small like a bathroom and make sure there are no air vents whatsoever ,tape them all up. D) ensure you have enough coal to go for hours

Good luck but don't get brain damage.


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ah interesting, my only gripe with the morning lift is it’s usually more quiet, and I find it harder to stay calm the quieter it is. It’s like the more chance they’re watching. .Doesn’t help I have an anxiety condition And Aspergers LOL. But I love lifting

What are your favourite times to lift?


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You’re right , we do need one for Europe/UK

From what I’ve found

Tesco - builds cases and i think is the tougher of the supermarkets. I prefer to hit Sainsbury’s/waitrose etc over them as security always seem more relaxed there

Boots - cameras are everywhere so I make a blindspot or use someone else as a blindspot. there’s LP in some stores not all.

Next - easy pickings in all the stores I have been to, I’ve rinsed them for thousands,.. few cameras,detagging on floor or changing room , or I’ve walked out beeping with success (only on busy days and timing the walkout with another person walking in)

Debenhams - fair few cameras but there have always been blindspots , best ones are generally by the corners of the store. they have lp who chased me once, but soon as I dropped the bag they stopped soo. If they chased you and you reallly doubt you’ll get away drop the bag it will likely make them stop and get their ‘loss’ back while you escape.

But I guess, it’s always going to be generalising. Each location and store will be different for different reasons. Generally easier to hit stores I have found have been in sleepy, well off towns with little crime rates. They likely don’t hire as much LP and the LP they do hire will likely not be so much of a crazy cowboy