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Hey alicepie, we previously had a weekly discussion thread (the first one, actually) about sapphic content in media! In addition to anything that gets recommended here, do check out that post, although it was mainly about TV and books:


You can also keep track of all of the weekly topics here:



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Another brilliant feature! ❤️ Perfect length, too. Really interesting and yet not too long as to make it hard to read.

These are such a cool thing to have in the forum. Keep up the great work, you two! 🥰


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This will probably sound a bit weird because I'm avoiding the obvious (such as holding hands and smooching), but there was a moment on my last date that really stood out to me.

We were walking around Hyde Park and suddenly there was something in my left eye and it felt awful! Bearing in mind we hadn't reached the first kiss by this point, my date, without any hesitation, touched my face and closely inspected my eye to try to help me figure out what it was. Turned out to be an eyelash and she helped me extract it. 😂

I suppose it was a (slightly odd) sign of what was to come that night, but I thought it was already really sweet of her to try helping me in such a 'hands on' way so early on.


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I forgot about the lesbian time dilation thing! It's so real, holy shit...

And yeah, we both massively fit the useless lesbian stereotype, but I'm really happy we had such a good laugh about it together. We're being really open and honest about our feelings and navigating the uselessness together. It's lovely. 🥰

We were literally saying stuff like "so who's gonna make the first move?", "I have no idea what I'm doing" and "I want to try stuff with you, but how do we get there?" It's hilarious and really cute at the same time. 😂


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I'M SCARED! 😭 She's so amazing and I don't want to blow it, so I am refusing to let myself get too emotionally invested. I'm asking the key questions as we go along and letting her call the shots. I honestly can't believe we kissed on Sunday, it happened so fast at the end of the night and it left me in such shock on the way home. I already went into the second date bracing myself for us just becoming friends.

Gal pals kiss on the lips, right? lmao 😂

Considering we've only had two dates, it's going super well... I only matched with her 3 weeks ago to the day, which is hard to believe! Feels like it's been months already. She's a busy person and I need to be patient, which is totally against my nature. 😩

I considered making my own post about her, but I've been holding off in case it doesn't work out. 🫣


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Sexuality and gender are two separate, complicated, yet intertwined aspects of our being. Trying to deal with one at a time is hard enough, but both simultaneously is definitely a real challenge that can be tough to navigate! Well done for figuring yourself out and I'm glad things are going so well for you.

Your experience reminds me a lot of ContraPoints' video called Shame, in which she details her struggle with sexuality post-transition. Have you seen it? It's well worth the watch if you've not!


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That's awesome news! Congrats. ❤️ It's such an amazing feeling, right?

I'm hopefully working my way towards officialising my first sapphic relationship (we had our first kiss(es) on Sunday and it was bliss), but we're taking it super slow and it's too early to label ourselves. I'm honestly terrified of ruining everything, so I am focusing super hard on my restraint and patience. "Avoiding The Lesbian U-Haul Meme Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)"

Please tell us more about your special someone! I'd love to know how you met.


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Reply to comment by pterodactyl in Sealion in f/queer by pterodactyl

OK, that user has now been banned from f/Queer and I've nuked the thread in that post. Unbelievable stuff they've been posting!

Thanks again for raising this. I'm gonna look into expanding the mod team so we have more eyes on the forum.


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Apologies. I can't speak for the other mods, but I have been busy this weekend with IRL stuff. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I've removed that awful post about polyamory. Am I right in thinking the other thread you mentioned has already been deleted by the OP? I don't see it in New or in the moderation log.


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Yeah, you're spot on. It's more than just the API pricing changes (although they're terrible on their own), it's the whole company and site culture that reeks.

Once Apollo stops functioning, my usage of Reddit is going to tank. It's already dropped significantly since the blackout and the creation of the community here. I'm really glad we've found a new home for queer folks here.


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We've discussed this quite a bit in private and I just wanted to say I love this forum theme and it's great to have it on Raddle! I've added a link in our sidebar.