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I do stick and pokes on myself. I didn't really read anything. just clean and poke poke poke. I think learning to apply a stencil if you don't wanna free hand stuff would be useful. Tho don't really bother trying to use random needles. You definetly wanna get a stick and poke needle. Tho razorblade tattoos do work well if you don't wann get stick n poke needle


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I used to think similarly and I think its the natural reaction of those living in christian society reacting to the realization of what we work to maintain. I don't think guilt and beating oneself physically or emotionally is helpful. I dont see how like someone interested in animal liberation and taking active steps to fight against carnist society being beaten and killed would be helpful to anyone nevereless any animals.

Its really hard and it feels deeply wrong to not have the guilt and the ideas of deserving punishment for X moral crimes. But I don't think its helpful. Make a note of the mistake and move on. Like to help others in such a crapsack and shitty world you gotta be kind to yourself. Because if you are allways attacking yourself you can't help fight and be acomplices with others. There is enough opposition in the world you don't need to be your own obstacle.

I think this is hard to belive when in this mindset. But I look back when I felt like this and all I thougth is I spent all that time beating myself and it didn't help anyone. Being nice to myself and having room to not have guilt and not spend my time putting mysefl down and getting over it I can spend much more time doing interesting stuff. All the time I spent beating myself up was such a waste. And its kinda self centered in a way. Any time you spend beating yourself is time that you could spend uplifting others and making like more joyous. And you can't learn to help and lover others even animals if you can't figure out how to love yourself even when you make mistakes and even how you like I and everyone else kinda churn the gears of the death machine.


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You have veggie scraps? Real proles eat it all seeds, stems everything. If you have scaps you are burgeouis. Real proles have to eat jalepeon stems bc they are starving and malnourished due to capitalism

burgous scum like you make me sick!!!!!



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I wanna sing more and get practice in. We could make music together if u were down. I can sing and u can do guitar n stuff. If we really wanna go wild I can drum on a table too!