Lenny wrote (edited )

Then you're not against GMOs, you're against DRM in GMOs.

If 100% of GMOs use DRM, then what use is it saying "I support GMOs"? You could make the same argument about the police. "Even though 100% of police are bastards, I support them because we could potentially create a non-bastard police force some day". It's fantasy.


Lenny wrote

I object to wasteful consumerism and superstition, which leftist wouldn't?

But there are completely legit reasons to oppose fossil fuels, nuclear power, and even GMO's. I think it is unfair to compare these destructive technologies to "New-Age" crystals and stuff. Anyway, lots of "New Age" stuff that used to be scoffed at by scientists is accepted by them now: Yoga and acupuncture for example.

Science in a capitalist world is a tool for capitalists to maximize their profits. I think many of the give-me-science or give-me-death people fail to recognize this and the destructive effect it has on life on this planet.

The reason why fossil fuels dominate the energy industry is not because it's a particularly good energy source. It is because powerful corporations have vested interests in dismantling their competition, and the states they fund aim to maximize strategic political influence in the world.

When a company sells patented seeds that are designed to withstand being deliberately bombarded with, what is essentially toxic waste, and then creating the conditions that require those expensive patented seeds to be rebought again and again, that isn't something we should be supporting. But that's how GMOs are implemented under capitalism. It's all well and good to say we support GMOs because of how they could be used rather than how they are used, but that's not very practical. They're used the way they used and supporting a fantasy world version of them is illogical.

Same goes for Nuclear power. It was created to wage utter devastation on America's enemies, to kill millions and contaminate the land for generations.

Even when it's used for power generation, why would any anarchist support imposing their will on another community to store the toxic, carcinogenic waste that we have no real way to dispose of? You know they won't want to store the waste on their own soil, they'll send it somewhere where it will poison impoverished communities.


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Because the rulers of Israel are fascists.

the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life


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If things get that bad, let's face it, we're not prepared, and as you noted, the far right is. We'd be constantly in retreat as they take over more and more of the habitable land and kill anyone that stands in their way. There are far fewer radical leftists in the West than there are reactionaries. One look at any comment section on any website is proof enough of that.

I'm going to think on this some more, but I'm honestly not coming up with any ideas so far. We don't have the guns, the land, the skills, or the numbers.