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I grew some Cubensis B+. Ate it with my partner, as usual. But this harvest was very powerful for unknown reasons.

We lost control and still have no idea what happened. Some pieces of memory are about walking in another dimension and changing my partner's for my own mind. In the real world I broke everything in the room, left several hematomas on my partner. (She lost her memory too, but hadn't moved from her original position like I did.)

Then I fell from 3rd floor with no pants. Broke several bones. I found myself naked surrounded by frightened neighbours.


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Reply to comment by aiwendil in Linux And Anarchy by Lenny

done, stolen and slightly edited to remove the mention of anarcho-capitalism. but really, 99% of the sites we link to are both capitalist and statist. there aint much difference between linking to that site and the new york times.


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A state would force everyone in every community to operate the exact same way (whichever way is dictated by the party leaders or at least the majority of voters). This would ignore the distinct needs of people from very different communities that have different climates, cultures, infrastructure, etc. If each community manages itself using direct democracy, each community can operate in whatever way best suits that community rather than be dictated to by a central government that can't hope to understand the needs of people hundreds of miles away.


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Humans corrupted by capitalism...

Humans aren't going to magically stop being corrupted by capitalism, even after capitalism fails, the damage is done.

Even cow farts are toxic to the planet. Do you suggest we ban cows?

I do. We don't need billions of cows eating all our grain stores when we could be feeding the whole world population 12 times over with that grain we feed to cows.