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The inner compass is difficult to hear at first, and still difficult sometimes even after years of practice. The grind to level up the skill... takes time. (yup did I just use a video game analogy, yes, because I am tech witch ;)

I actually completely understand that about freedom. We have been held captive by this awful patriarchical capitalistic system for so long that the open door can seem scary, and it takes time to step into your power and reclaim your own truth, which is really what I think the Path is about. It's about de-conditioning decades (in my case) of abuse and conditioning by the patriarchy, and then learning to navigate by my own compass instead of theirs. It doesn't come easy, because they've done such a good job of keeping us small, to obey, consume, breed, follow. Be the mindless consumer, says the System. For that is what keeps their profit margins up and the holy sacred shareholders happy. puke

Rejection of those is a good first step. Developing mindful awareness of why we are doing things helps us see through their veil of illusion. Am I buying this item because I truly have a need for it? It's not to say we can't have nice things, but are we shopping for the sake of shopping or because we've been programmed to, or is there a genuine need for a tool or a toy. Do we believe a certain thing because we've always been told It Is So, or is there a deeper explanation underneath. Don't worry about the questions. Mindful awareness will lead you to them in time.

This is completely in line with what Eckhart teaches in his book, the power of Now is the power of awareness. You may later want to grow your practice of awareness through meditation, which is a route I use as well.

Just paying it forward, as I too have benefited from many gracious teachers on the long road. Enjoy the journey and I'm glad I could help :3


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You're welcome, I am glad I could help :)

I found that my Path grew organically, it evolves by itself as I walk it, the next step is shown to me, so there isn't much of a guide that I followed. I spend a lot of time listening to my intuition, and it offered me one suggestion for you, which is to read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It isn't specifically to do with witchcraft but it helped kickstart my journey to spirituality, and other things grew from there.

As with all things we do say, take if it resonates, leave it if it doesn't. No forcing of anything (great for traumatized folks like me, who don't like to be forced). If it feels right, roll with it. I would say your greatest resource is your inner compass, your inner guidance. Start with "does this feel right to me". It takes a lot of practice and in time you'll be able to hear it better.


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Thank you for reminding me about standards. As I replied on another post, that's the problem: I've had to rule out too many people who were bad for me, and that leaves even more who demand that I bring myself down to their level rather than rise up to meet me where I am. That's discouraging, but on the other hand I can't possibly see cutting myself into pieces that they can handle: been there, done that, 0/10 would not recommend...

The confidence and authenticity act as a filter, but the problem is, it's all trash out there and no fish in the sea making it past the filter ;)


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Thank you, your acknowledgement of how difficult it can be is very very helpful. I'm stuck in a land of hardcore conservative authoritarian folks with terrible values, and I am absolutely done with compromising my own personal integrity to bring myself down to their level, so that's a hard no. Long distance is definitely an option just that it hasn't worked out in the past. And I would move in a heartbeat, just that those of us who have actually done immigration research know it is neither simple nor easy.


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Good news, you already understand one of the key concepts! "As within, so without" sounds deep but really it can be explained as, inner change is more lasting and will naturally bring about outer change. By inner change we think of the mind, the psyche, the world within ourselves, whereas in this consumerist, materialistic society, people chase outer material goods and status symbols thinking that they will bring them what they want. "I just need X shiny brand and I will be complete!" It doesn't work that way, clearly.

The first step to wisdom is understanding we are not wise, yet that also empowers us to identify the problems and resolve them. The outer world then begins to shift of its own accord or with much less effort than trying to change it by sheer force alone as the patriarchy often tries to do. Think of it as you'll be guided by your own insight to make changes in the outer world, which are much more focused because they're properly guided, rather than randomly chasing after everything the world tries to promise us. You'll be much more efficient changing outer things after you've gone on the inner journey since you won't have the trauma and guilt holding you back.... or at least not as much, I wish I could say "none" but I still have plenty despite doing the work.

You're already aware of what is holding you back and now you can take steps towards resolving it. So you're already well on your way, you've started the inner journey and I wish you all the best <3


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Thanks Amy, I was stressing out over how the patriarchical capitalists seem unstoppable, thinking about how we had all hoped for a better world after the plague ended, but the capitalists are hell bent on reclaiming ground that they 'lost' during the plague when people realized what we could do with freedom. Around me I watch as they win and win and win, clawing back our gains and pushing us back, but your analysis is the most hopeful thing I've read in a long time.

Thank you <3

Edited to add a little more context; I'm non-US but stuck in a repressive culture that's deeply hardcore far-right so these people actually support the system. They actually think authoritarianism is the way to heaven or whatever they call this hell.


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I feel cheated. I got the whole set of shots and I STILL didn't get free 5G service! They PROMISED it would make me a 5G antenna!! I want my money back!

(Oh wait, I didn't pay for the shots, it was covered for me)


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....where can I sign up for this? Do I need a 5G phone and 5G service as well or is just standing near enough to get zapped enough?


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I've actually wondered about this for quite a while. I am not on any form of HRT, but it has occured to me, now that I see the signs, that my hormone levels may be quite atypical. Like, what if I had naturally higher estrogen levels.

It's just that I have no reason to get the bloodwork done, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if somehow this turned out to be true :)


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Well put; you're describing the entire culture around me. They believe there is only One True Right Way (theirs) to do anything, and there is no room for anybody different. There is no room for empathy. They don't even understand what it means.

What charmed lives they must lead, to be on that one true path to heaven, to never have to worry about any kind of suffering other people face, and yes: they absolutely do go out of their way to put us down :(


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I was just telling u/JavaPython1815 the same thing. People are such assholes telling us this stuff, I mean, by extension "Have you just tried not being sick?" Would cure all the physical and mental illness in the world instantly? "Have you tried starting the software without the bugs part?" would instantly make all software perfect?

AS IF!!!!

I really do wonder - how can people have such an oversimplified asinine worldview?


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ooooh I live for the rare few days when the light hits just right, the hair falls in the right place, and it looks like a girl in the mirror <3