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Yes! Actually! I did this yesterday. Go to Walmart and lift a letter opener. Not the slidey kind, the stabby kind. Step 2: go to Walgreens or cvs and get the strips and pretend to compare boxes with ole’ stabby up your sleeve. Slice through the bottom of the box where it opens . Use your body as a block to empty them into your hand. Close box. Compare a few more. Buy something with cash and bounce.

Or an old fashioned walkout is always safer. I just felt it was right for me at the time. Plus if anyone picks that box up to buy, you’ve left the literature and directions in there and it feels like every other box.

Good luck


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What was a lift that you’ve seen (or heard of) that was flawless. Is your store in a nice neighborhood or a high shrink?

Thanks for doing this!!!!


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I would say, ALWAYS trust your gut. ALWAYS.

When I was 19, I kept seeing a gold minivan like everywhere. Mostly parked outside of my parents’ house .. my gut was “oh no cops are following me!” But I slowly talked myself out of that thought...

And while I could have been covering my tracks, being careful, I continued the illegal activities that consumed me at that time (heroin, shoplifting etc)

A week later, they kicked in the door and found all of the evidence they needed...

If I went with my gut, they wouldn’t have found a thing.

They stumbled upon the heroin, they were after me for shoplifting ... my ex boyfriend had knocked out a security guard at a king soopers and it sparked the whole thing.

Sorry for the novel, but be suspicious of EVERYONE. Sitting in a cement box is no fun!

Good luck, mate!


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Don’t click on this link, guys. It’s not the real class action website . But It IS collecting any data you enter, for some reason. Not sure if this is some sort of trap/data grab?

“Oh look, a forum of thieves! I’m going to post about how I got free money and include a link even though I don’t have to! “ *all of us type in our info to get our free money

Something feels off about this , guys. Call me what you will... but the real website is “topclassaction “

Also, if you navigate away from the Lenovo piece, it errors you out...? Weird