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I personally hope we never make it off this rock. I think of all the 'uninhabitable,' places that will be on the brink of abiogenisis... until we came looking for new materials to make a smart phone out of.


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some sort of power over others

The good thing about personal power is the ability to critically think about what you're doing and plan on doing. With a centralized authority there is little room for critical thought, and instead doctrine becomes go-to and that's when atrocities happen.

When you drop the doctrine and approach it critically (this means logically and emotionally) you'll have a much more informed response as to what needs to be done. It places personal responsibility and accountability as most important... and a lot of people don't want or can't handle that kind of stress, but it's either that or we trust the 'mass,' to decide for each and every single one of us.


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The truth is there is no perfect way to make everyone happy all the time. It really boils down to protecting yourself and those you love and trust and the things that mean the most to you.

The entirety of our history will continue to reproduce itself as long as we are physical beings stuck in a very material world with finite time and finite resources (entropy ensures all permanence will one day be no more). The only way you could stop this... is with centralized authority and power to control the very way biological life functions... and anything with that much power must be destroyed.