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Kylie wrote

OMG. There's nothing worse than people who mooch off of hardworking Instagram stars.

Start your own Instagram page about your own life and make your OWN fortune.

Just look at me. 5 years ago I was a nobody. Literally the least famous Jenner-Kardashian. But I applied myself and now I'm the best one.

Okay I'm sorry for the lecture. It just really turns me off when people with no work ethic expect us self-made folk to give them handouts.

If you really want a tip on how to make it - My Kylie Cosmeticsâ„  line has tripled my net worth. You should start a cosmetics line too!

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Kylie wrote

LOL what's a penny?

Concentrated Himalayan Infant Tears now available at! I'm Kylie Jenner!!

The infants just sent me a new batch. Now with extra salt! All natural!

It takes 50000 sad little babies to fill a vial.

It's a great public service. Help these little Himalayans to be productive members of society! :8)