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Yeah you got the dilemma, the group dynamics is something that I am struggling particularly.

I totally agreed with you and my friend that raised the flag, what bothers me is pushing a consensus where clearly wasn't any, enforcing a moralistic view for the sake of moral. In this case I was arguing for the collective responsibility to be broke and each individual chosing their stance, but logically this would defeat the purpose and efforts of some people taking care and other don't.


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It's a community dinner and winter clothes distribution, and usually the elderly and homeless people are the ones getting aid.

But the issue was to stablish this covid protocol for the volunteers. The people coming would be free to follow (or not) any cares they like


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It's a Semi-presidential democracy, they vote for a Captain, this Captain appoints a Quartermaster to rule over the crew, and then the Quartermaster forms a cabinet with a First mate, a Gunner, a Cook and a Surgeon. They will submit this govt to the ship's approval and if not a new election will be called.

If you refused to vote the Quartermaster would cut your rum ration and make you mop the decks in double shifts


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Caffeine is a drug , and one of the bad ones, can worse symptoms like anxiety, stomachache and bowel issues (like intestines are linked to mental problems usually

I think we are addicted to caffeine as much we are to sugar, sugar and refined flour are bad for modern diets