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banana - Bosnian

The word banana is thought to be of West African origin, possibly from the Wolof word banaana, and passed into English via Spanish or Portuguese

Why someone want to whitewash the word banana?


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Depends, I understand why you are saying that but I imagine this person is coming from a place where their position is being questioned bc of their skin. Like blacks need to position themselves in every question, at every moment when they are asked to. Like they have their individuality denied and got treated as a monolith in idpol.

A black folk is always in need to ascertain their blackness (and the whole package of politics position that white liberals expect from them). For me this is whiteness in playing. Not so much black folks ignoring indian/native struggle issue or black folks wanting a pass on a situation that poor white working people face too.

This whole black friday-thanksgiving boycott is more performative imo. If people are eager to acknowledge the Indian movement and their struggle why not be more active on it?


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The sad part is that the system do this all the time and we don't even know... So many people chewed by the Leviathan, so many hopes lost to this shitshow called America ™

I read that a Kevin Strickland was exonerated after 42 years of wrongful conviction..the issue is not about waiting to rejoice in schadenfreude about Rittenhouse, the issue is the sentiment of being hunted and shot down in every opportunity and be telling that you have equal chances. We never had a chance to begin with


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It's curious to see how the LatinAmerican countries most affected by Neoliberalism, like Chile and Mexico are the ones where the indigenous people could organize to fight back.