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Maybe Carl Jung? I don't think I know any sources that don't go into Occult stuff, if you want to go more scientific maybe semiotics can be a good place to search for references.

And there are two diff systems, the "regular" one and sideral astrology, used by Hindu astrology for example. It's strange bc sideral astrology follows the real movement of the constellations instead of the fixed points. Many skeptic's critiques against regular Astrology only works for sideral Astrology, like including Ophiuchus as the 13th sign and all that crap.


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Reply to comment by cumfaucet in Burning the Settler by Kinshavo

I was reading some reactions from Left wing parties and most of them are saying reactionary stuff about this action. Not that I expect something different, but even the most FarLeft are saying this is an action by "identitarians" lol


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The last season with Mosley was interesting, brought back that feeling of the early seasons. I love the fact that the Preacher is played by the poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

But I am always very skeptical of fetishizing the Mafia. They usually sided with the far right in most parts. Hyper capitalism come to mind.


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It's getting late
I think that's what I thought
while trying to sleep
To see if at least sleeping, I still dreamed
And sleep didn't want to come
To see if at least sleeping
I could still breathe
I'm running out of air

I think that's what I thought
while my dream tried to arrive
trying to turn my head off
But on some screen, this movie played
It was a blood movie
Or was it the news?
It was a gang movie
Or was it a militia?
It was a period movie
an old novel

The terror in the favela, and the hospital saturated
The battered child was a tortured trans
I was upset, they were horrible scenes
Transcending levels never tolerated
already more tolerated
Now by humans already more insensitive
Already more insensitive than the Germans
Who treated the Jews like branded cattle
And at Brasa, 80 years later, the plot is the same

Fear and Manichaeism (and hate is normal)
Prejudice is accepted (and death is commonplace)
Either you're excommunicated, or you're like cattle
This here has always been a corral

A bible, an ass, a ball
A shot and a leftover beans and rice
What else could we want?
One weapon for each
A nice joke, mocking the face of someone who is going to die

Does my friend from Belo Horizonte
jumped from the window of the fifth
Feeling this anguish I feel?
Because I don't see anything beautiful anymore
When looking for a horizon and seeing various monsters
Toasting with glasses of red wine
And the most expensive meat on the plate
The cheap meat is the black meat
Share tears and prints of body photos
But in the comments, the text is ready

If he died on the hood and he's black and fucked up
Must be a gangsta, so okay
If Katlen wasn't a woman and a pregnant woman
They were going to say she was a drug dealer too
If the family cries, the power ignores it, and the devil even laughs
Now my sleep is coming and I'm smiling too
playing with the boy Henry

it's over
In the dream, I compose with Moraes Moreira
But not even from above does he forget the shame
Here comes Brazil down the slope
And the Novos Baianos who arrive in heaven
were executed
for trying to steal a piece of meat
in a supermarket
So the security guys caught it red-handed
First they asked for money
But they soon sent for the neighborhood drug dealers
And they had the chicken thieves delivered to the gravedigger

arrived in heaven
What's up, Gabriel, you around here?
I was worried, did I die?
But it's just a dream
I'll see if I take this opportunity to give my dad a hug

Hard to find, too many people arrive
In a queue that never ends
I saw some angels there complaining
Because there was a country refusing vaccine
I disguised my nationality
I think I'm a patriot
But in heaven, whoever puts their flags above all
God gives head and calls you an idiot

I think I'm a humanist
But humanity is fucked
I ask for a paper and a pen
I start a letter and find Aldir Blanc
Enchant me with a short story by Rubem Fonseca
And I sing one of Roupa Nova
While in a corner, Jesus watches me
disapproving face

i think i'm communist
Because I always kicked left-handed
I found Maradona shouting: Argentina!
I think he is a patriot

Am I a patriot? Am I a communist?
Or just another dead man living in hell?
Just another dream dying in heaven
One more note in the suit pocket

Am I a patriot? Am I a communist?
I'm a chief attacked in the tent
I'm a child asking for food
I'm a seal applauding an orca

I'm a scientist asking for a handout
I'm a maroon becoming a joke
I'm a life that's not worth a dollar
I'm a sloth watching the dodge

I'm just another one of millions of individuals
so divided in death and life
We are devotees of the holy bandits
Fight of votes, seems twisted

Screams of myth and genocide
Free lunch with shit on your plate
all truth will be distorted
All power to the captain of the forest

When I die
I don't want to cry or candle
I want a yellow ribbon
engraved with her name

This dream is getting weird
Another friend arriving laughing
Eduardo Galvão, your eyes still shine
sending a message to the daughter
Honey, life is meant to be well lived
It's not a podium race
friend she knows me too
And that's why I also overlap love with hate
And whenever I can, I still dream
And I try to inspire tolerance
If I could learn from my mistakes
I don't want to bury hope
Where in times of so many burials
Man still sees the aberration of arrogance
And grab this chance to find
A change of direction, attitude and conduct
But it's hard for us to find fairer paths
If we're all such motherfuckers

Doing everything to take advantage of everything
Finding the absurd normal
Doing like crazy, blind, deaf
only when it suits us
we are sick
The councilor and the boy's mother
The governor and the murderous minister
Who kills innocent people on the hood or dispenses with the vaccine
Where are they from?

This dream became a nightmare
Looking at us, I'm even ashamed
And I think I'm a good citizen
That's why I expose myself and charge myself too
If I could learn from the voice of poets
I can't accept the censorship
If my teachers opened my mind
The cure is in education and culture

This dream is already torture
And speaking of culture, look who shows up
bringing irony and courage
Makes me smile and relieves stress
In the dream, he comes with thousands of victims
500 thousand dead or more
I wake up scared and Paulo Gustavo's smile
In pain it dissolves

I just feel my cold body
And on the side of the bed, a sentence saying: Here lies
I rub my eyes and see
That I'm a slave tied to a log
And when the whip breaks my back
I feel helpless but I look back
The tear washes my face
And I, already conscious, get up to dream again
And I break the chains when I recognize
My face in the Overseer's face

When I die
I don't want to cry or candle
I want a yellow ribbon
engraved with her name