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Nice! Did you encountered any particular word or phrase difficult to translate? Sometimes I in lyrics I find metaphor or overly specific stuff that lost something in the translation.

I think /u/mofongo started a Spanish translation too


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The point I was trying to made is: trying to frame Anarchism as a Dichotomy between social Anarchism (communism) and individualist Anarchism (capitalist) is shallow. Trying to gatekeeping others Anarchisms will face resistance here.

I think you are making your point in good faith but preaching the communism gospel here will get no results here.

Anarchism is simple as the root of the word - no masters, either in economy or in democracy, etc. We don't need to complicated it.


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Read DeleuzeGuattarian theory and you will be reborn as your true form: a Body Without Organs..

The body without organs is an egg

This is an actual quote from their book(?)

*Note: Egg, in queer lingo, to refer to someone in the early stages of Trans gender isomerism

*Note2:sorry if I ruined the joke


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I am currently trying to get contradictions working in my mind. Sometimes raddle help me to get the priorities straight, lots of good convos and inspirations.

At the same time that I don't won't to give up my life in the city, I am almost sick to have to cope with urban life and work and people and trouble.

I had some weed yesterday and helped me get some insights and things I want to focus, I am not a heavy user and it's great that I have low tolerance bc I can get in the zone without little effort.

So many times I think in the wasted years, and how my lack of concrete life goals could contribute for my actual stage.

Anyways thanks for the whole series of Cope posts. How bout you? Are you ok?


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Your assessment is correct at some level, but I can't explain further or rebutt some of your points (like the perpetual growth is not a intrisical characterisc of markets). Maybe the agorists and mutualist(?) can help.

Postscarcity, gift economy, indigenous view on economy, etc are the things I checked before, but when you try to frame Anarchist theory as only possible with communist economy you deny Anarchism for lots of people. And I am not talking about the anarchocapitalists or whatsoever here, there are lots of people that live Anarchism in a different way.


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There is some proposals of left market anarchism, mutualism and other "schools" that do not rely on the communism paradigm.

And there is the issue, which communism (even in Marxism you will find tons of definitions and diff explanations to conceptualize communism) are you proposing here as the inherent quality of the Anarchist society/economy?

The main point some of the other users are keep making is that Communism and Anarchism are different things and in not in any way dependent on each other. You will find that often this topic is pushed, in bad faith, by ML to poison the well in anarchist spaces.

And as I agreed in another post Is very easy to loose time imagining and world building little Utopias when there is lots to figure out here in the world.