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I hate when I can't lit the heater bc I can't pay the electric bill..

My neighbor jokingly said to me: "who is your tenant? We probably should squat this whole building.." -I smiled and agreed before saying goodnight.

The thing is, the building is small I would love to squat it and run it like a good squat.. it's heartbreaking to see kids and families dying in fires bc the electrical connections in the squat was bad (and then there are skinhead attacks against these ppl, bc they are mostly migrants).

Fuck, one week more and I still without energy to simply do the things I like, to read and study what I want..


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I was thinking in a reply to this bc your take is what I try to convey in my irl discussions with left activists.

Besides my lack of oratory skills, trying to navigate between different understandings and different ideologies is hard. Whenever I try to bring anything remotely anarchist people shut down or assume the Anarchism™ is that of Ocalan, the anarchy without chaos, or the libertarian-socialism.


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Reply to comment by cidade in Raddle Downtime yesterday by cidade

Once it was explained that even if the server was physically hijacked it wouldn't contain any sensible info as the postmill don't collect data from the users.

So if you have opsec (the least bare minimum) you would be Ok


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Nice response if you are the real Lily May, very sober and unexpected.

Don't bother too much with social media. In no way it represents the world, it's all about the bubble.

And if I am not mistaken you can email the Anarchist Library to remove your text if you want to.

Taking care of oneself and oneself mental health is more important than any internet discussion.