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And other thing, why they bother to label as anarchists is beyond reason. If you want workers govt no shame in being socialist/communist/Marxist, but don't poison the definition of Anarchy

It's a beat up slogan but I liked: power is not to be conquered but destroyed - this is what they don't get, we don't want to grab power to run thing our way, we want to destroy any condition that enable this power in the first place


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A lot of people, parents mostly, are talking how children (even early teens) are watching the show and seeing all as a banal fable of reality shows, the violence goes over their head as if it was "normal" or expect. Some people told me they worry this a desensitization going on in their kids, but I am not sure this is the case.

The anticapitalist critique is not a given thing either, many of my coworkers who watched the show never spoke about it in this way. At least I received a sermon from a white vegan zoomed about migrants, overpopulation and govt "handouts"....


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Looks like a nightmare for the mods to deal on.

Right now that sub is mess for the mods to deal on.. I fuck hating proselytism like this entryism bs. Marxists, tankies and whatever this ppl think they are, are actually deep down atheist Christians, spamming their broken promises of a Bread Heaven and virtuous workerist moral.

It's hard to take their project serious when they are more focused on monopolize the discourse and erase anyone that are not them.

Sometimes I feel so tired to even bother enter in arguments...


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Like Emma said, that channel have good topics to start learning electronics, and the internet have a lot of DIY projects to learn from. I did a electronics course to get a technician degree but never worked with it, and like every other skill, the more you practice the more you learn.

If you had a couple of physics class on Electricity probably you got the theoretical basis already ( if not just look Ohm's law). If you are more interested in digital electronics and computers probably you want to look at logical gates, flip-flop, to get how a computer manage calculations and stuff.

If you manage to gather some components, resistors etc, try to search for projects that can use those components and then assemble the thing (try to search for a simple circuit like a foxhole radio). You probably will like more this way.


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I am not sure if this offensive or not, but I liked

(it's strange to think about how is easy to use slurs or swear in a different language without the weight of doing something "wrong")


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Can't Imagine how much energy the mods need to spend now.... And imagine, you almost left reddit for good

The sub seems a good way to introduce some ideas to people who never was interested in politics, philosophy or any of the stuff some of us nerds like. The average person only is interested to be able to pay for stuff just bc this is the way to do it. In a different economy they would follow whatever direction the society laid down for them

I wonder if this sub reach Chinese workers and people involved in 996 culture


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I think I stopped daydreaming this hard in my teens, and since then I can't enjoy much of boardgames or even videogames. As a kid I used to play with stuff like cardboard boxes or empty Pill bottles imagining submarines or rockets and everything around me was the scenario, little bugs were NPCs. A whole damn Minecraft server in my Imagination.