Kashima wrote (edited )

Thank you so much for this! Also sorry for so many questions.

  1. Does LP check all footage at the end of every day even if nothing suspicious is reported? What types of stores generally do this if any?

  2. Is there any way to tell if a security camera is fake? (all types)

  3. Are most LP as dedicated to their job as you are?

  4. Is it easy to catch people using "pickpocketing" or "sleight of hand" techniques during or even just after the fact?

  5. What does LP do if an empty package is found somewhere throughout the store?

  6. You said that you will watch somebody bc of their behavior not clothing, but what if that person is presenting stereotypical "criminal" punk type (piercings, tattoos, wallet chains, colored hair, etc.)? *(I hate describing it that way but I cant think of any other way)

  7. In your opinion, what is the most difficult-to-spot type of lift (details and all if possible)

  8. If caught red handed, what can somebody do to completely avoid incident of any kind while also preventing LP from being able to do anything present and future without having to show ID? (i.e return merchandise > apologize > haul ass)

  9. Any LP trade secrets you care to share?

Thank you!