Kaito OP wrote

This would be true in an ideal scenario, where everyone is waiting for just the right moment, and even the police and military are in agreement.

No, It's even true right now. All my money comes either from my natural resources or crypto, how can they tax me, explain me?

whether people are willing to oppose oppressive violence.

I don't know, how many but I know that more and more people are willing to defend themselves, yes. (Illegal) Gun ownership is skyrocketing in my town.

Anarchism is dodging taxes


Always : taxation is theft, especially when It comes from an asshole authority


Kaito OP wrote

Think about it— how many anarchists are there in your region? How many people will be willing to risk all of what they have to make a world that ensures that they and their family are safe and comfortable rather than just trying to keep themself and their family safe?

There is no risk in anarchism, If done the proper way.

I can't know how many anarchists they are in my region, in the same way that I can't count the number of muslims/christian. Anarchism is in the heart. Anarchism is dodging taxes, living in communes and I can't monitor what is happening inside people communes. I don't know If they are buying scrap at stores are not...etc