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Yes there's a difference, It depends of the semantics.

On common law/normal language private property means everything that isn't government owned.

By anarchist standards Private property means = means of production

Personal property = everything that isn't a mean of production that isn't government owned


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Anywhere. Why would they want to enter in the first place?

2ndly they don't know who is living inside the village, this means that they can't arrest people.

In any ecovillage/privately owned village.

Liberstad for instance.


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No, don't go to government regulated school, except If you are a fascist


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Useless. It's already insured against vandalism anyway.


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Why do you feel unfree, when people are trading goods a certain way in your community?

Do you want to be like the government/corporations? Playing the police? If someone is caught trading in this way in this community, then he is banned!

Doesn't go against freedom, btw : but hey, you're free to choose your commune, so no problem, as long as you don't want to attack MY commune.

though if someone needed to learn how to build a house, they would have to work in order to buy a book on it.

Or negociate with their neighbors and ask them how to build a house or telling them that you will pay for it later, borrowing money...etc

Now, there are only a few types of market products, including luxury items and art. But it might seem silly to trade these away.

No, because trading helps fuel innovation


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Useless. Abolish the schooling system entirely


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I just thought we were talking about open revolution.

Why do we need an "open revolution"?

Against whom?

Thugs, probably :)

what I meant is that authority is often the means by which taxes are evaded.

Even, then I don't find any problem with this. If people send a letter to the govt and ask them to stop taxing them, I don't see any problem.

Lobbying is the problem (people trying to pass stupid laws), not tax evasion.