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yeah, maybe don't paint all critics as secret bigots. we have no reason to expect workers to understand or (more importantly) care about complex theory---not because of cognitive inability but more due to obtuse writing and general undereducation or miseducation.

that's not to say that workers can't learn, but there is a kind of naïvety about assuming that it will come naturally.


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i have zero respect for totalizing specters such as "the One Big Union" or "the Platform"



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ziq, my post-leftist anti-civ OG...

just get out while you still can. this place is like a sinking ship, and you can be a naive human or a clever rat when it comes to sinking ships. this isn't a lively community, this is a moribund platform, where about one dozen active members squabble over inflammatory memes and hate each others guts. find someplace decent and friendly to be, i have some discord servers i can link you, but for your own sake just get out. it's not worth the effort.


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excuse me, you civilized asswipe, I didn't build this computer from twigs and pebbles to be insulted by the likes of some technological ragamuffin