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Omg I've stolen like 10 packs of Tombows this year ( so far) but I take the packages off and slide them in my pocket. It's just easier. Also stole 3 packs of copics. Tulip paints. Embroidery thread. Needles. Dope as fuck.


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Ok but here's the thing. I am not a girl. I'm actually a guy.( I'm only explaining this because genders can play a huge role when shoplifting).I stole a T0m F0rd N01r cologne and B0rberrĀ„ perfume. My plan is to go to Sephora and say I recieved the T0m F0rd one as a gift. Then go to Ulta and say the B0rberrĀ„ perfume was a gift for my mother but she didn't enjoy the scent. I just want to know if the machines check the numbers on the box or something. I just want the $200 worth of store credit. What do you recommend I do? Any tips?